Days Fly By Like teh Speed of Light . .

. . So I may as well do something enjoyable with those flashing seconds.

Last night we ran for nearly two hours, but it seemed more like barely one. On my way home, I still had the feeling I was missing something. Well, more like missing out on something. Luckily, what I'd just learned from Sensei DCS is that it wasn't really there anyhow!


What I know and what I feel are so often light years apart. Even as they switch places in the focus of my consciousness. This is, well, despite the amount of morosity I so frequently create from that fact, really quite amusing.

So I'm a keep on running.

On the ground.

In my skin.

Where my fears and desires can fight it out amongst themselves while I get my shit together and enjoy the moments.

They fall behind too damn fast.

And if I ever need one back, well . .

Memories are for later.


  1. Those kinds of moments, although strange to some maybe, really aren't.

    Two hrs? Yikes, those days have indeed passed me by! ; (


  2. Something I've noticed lately is that when I look back at incidents in my life, I now have a totally different perspective and understanding of myself. I've come to the conclusion that I am only able to see myself as I am from a long distance. There are times when I thought I was "cool" and it turns out I was a snob and times when I thought I was a frightened chicken and it turns out I was wise to run. So, time is very helpful. If I don"t understand something, I can put it on hold until I get some distance from it - over time.

  3. my spiritual advisor always says,"look at the ground, look at your feet. you are right here, right where you are meant to be, rightfully so." memories are just a memory, there should be no regret.

  4. Adorable GirlfriendMay 08, 2007 1:27 PM

    My spiritual advisor always says to clean my room and for goodness sake, when will there be grandchildren?

    AG will let you guess who her advisor is.

  5. I gotta figure the 2 hours will become 1 once I get up to speed, Coffee. Not that I really mind, though. It's just the van de Graf generator in my brain causing panic 'tacks. In truth, there's not much, outside of wild imagination, that I'd rather being doing with that time.


    I had one of those moments while we talked during the run last night, Mary. Made me wish I would've been more patient, which has normally been something I'm good with. Then I remembered that my impatience with the one thing had Everything to do with massive frustration over another.

    Frustration.. now there's my real nemesis. Not admitting that I can see it coming, thus getting face-to-face with it when I could've gone a more productive/healthy route, that's what's filled my life with the habit of regrets.

    Your SA sounds like my Sensei, Raffi. Very wise, to the point & much appreciated.

    AG's SA has a point 'bout that room! Ummm... or so I gather. Though I'm thinkin' you've still gots plenty o' time 'til grandkids! (What's UC's take on it?)

    namaste yo!

  6. Like, wha? Non-stop for two hours? Like, the thought of running non-stop for two hours makes Bossy totally talk like a Valley Girl. (Never mind - that was just a stroke.)

  7. Oy jeez! Bossy calls me out and I realize, what I explained to a couple o' folks at work I've not clarified here.

    Two hours about an hour of which was runnin'. The rest walking and checkin' out the Erie shore-line. It was around 6 miles and she made me run slowly. I'm glad but I don't know how I did it at first. Later it got quicker, but by then I couldn't go quicker! There's a kinda nasty steep hill comin' up from the beach and, while she told afterwards she wasn't sure I'd make it, I didn't think it'd be as hard as it was. That took a few mins of breathing and stretchin' afterward.

    Truth, I wasn't thinkin' I was saying we RAN the whole two hours. My silly point - what struck me as so very me to think of - was that I had one of those wonderful [/massive sarcasm] panic attacks tellin' me I'd be missing something if I spent time doing something like exercise every day.

    Like what? A nap?

    Sorry folks. No heroic athletics here. Though, in a way, an' with my pack-a-day habit still in place, it was still a big deal for your truly.

    Not that big though. I'm sure the same route will take closer to 45 mins once I'm up to speed.

  8. I was thinking the same thing as BOSSY.

    Oh my God! Two hours of running? MB! You rock!

    What a nice post, though. It was so lyrical and thoughtful.


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