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  1. i just heard about something he said years ago. apparently aids sufferers were going round deliberately giving infected blood. this is something he said and just about the first thing i ever heard from/about him.

    if he did say that then all i can say is good riddance.

  2. One less big ugly bag of hate dragging on the back of humanity.

  3. I'm pretty sure he spread that rumour, Michael. Not sure if it was him or some such as Pat Robertson that started it though. Regardless, the American theatre is better off without him.

    Right-O, Mando! :)

    The only thing good I know of that he did was to help some True Believers see how ridiculous their beliefs were by all the hate he spewed in the name of "love".

  4. The poor old bugger. All that time preaching the politics of hate when he could have been doing something nice for people.

  5. I want to see the toon where he shows up with his holier-than-thou luggage and there's nothing there but a boneyard, dirt, worms and buzzards.

  6. one down.

    I know it's ugly to think but maybe when we get rid of some of the folk that harbor such fogey ideas and that refuse to let go of hateful thought we might start to evolve as people who don't kill and to people who love equally.

  7. Dig it, Beep.

    Ain't it, Sumo.

    Me too, Blueberry.

    Hope so, Tonya.

    ( :-D )

  8. Funny, funny pic!


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