In Defense Foremost of Liberty

Unlike so very many ideologically necessitated Deaths since that time.

We must first remember that men and women and children have been brutally torn to shreds; that they have killed to save themselves and their fellows; that, regardless of the reasons, they existed in one of the purest forms of Hell imaginable and did so with all of the honor, courage and determination they could muster within their singular human forms.

We should stand up to our LEADERS and Demand that our fellows Not be ordered to kill and die and perpetuate hell for ANY cause where our lives are NOT being threatened.

On this Memorial Day, 2007, let us remember that these past 4 years of Hell in Iraq were initiated based-upon the Lies of the Administration of President George Walker Bush.

Is such a legacy something in which anyone can find a cause for pride?



  1. god, what is it good for?

  2. Is such a legacy something in which anyone can find a cause for pride?

    Indeed! And it's a legacy that will dog this country for generations.

  3. my friend who served in iraq sent me an email that said simply, "we don't wanna be here, our families don't want us here, iraqis (sunni, shia, all of the above) don't want us here, and, unlike our president and the bible belt swear, God does not want us here." he also didn't want the shrapnel that almost killed him and left him handicapped.

  4. Adorable GirlfriendMay 29, 2007 10:30 PM

    All so so true. You should consider sending this to your local newspaper letters to the Ed. section.

  5. Just about NOTHING, eh Maria. {sigh}

    Is Too Sad but just as True, Kvatch.

    Not surprised by that Raffi. Shrapnel has always sounded like an overrated souvenir to me.

    Thank you, AG! I feel like it's a little late right now, but I appreciate the idea. I should probably think of that kinda thing more often.

  6. Not to worry, Michael. Send it to the editor next year. Just change the 4 years to 5 and you're (sadly) good to go.

  7. Awww man! You know how much I wish that weren't true!


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