Two Percenters Score Again

This "Rant" is why The 2% Company is one of my favorite blogs.

Pscyhics... {shakin'head} {sigh}

Creuduloids* can go ahead and keep on throwing their money in the psychic tip jar, but I'm only doin' so if she's cute and I think I got a chance. :p

It's not like she's gonna predict such intentions anyway.


* Next to "nutters", this is my favorite generalized moniker of disgust. (and I think I just like "nutters" cuz I occasionally am one, of sorts... LOL!)


  1. Hey you again,

    So you dig cute psychics, huh? I think it's safe to say that any female who's used to males hitting on her can tell what you're up to there, Michael. LOL!

    I have had a number of odd coincidences happen but I would never claim to be able to conjure up 'visions' under pressure. The risk of humiliation is way too high. I think everybody is a bit psychic though.

  2. Not really into psychic (though I sometimes seem to overly attract psycho) girls. I just dig girls who love Patchouli oil. It seems to be de rigour for the Psychic set. (Now that's bein' up to something! LOL!)

    The risk of humiliation is way too high.

    Doh! LOL! No doubt!

  3. Hhmmm... That last bit makes me think I should post a cross-post (to my s-kid's BooStuff) on my "ghost" experiences.

    Jess fer kicks, of course.

  4. It's funny you like using the term "nutters". My cousin's last name is Nutter. I make fun of his name often and use that term all of the time because of it. It's even funnier now that it has become a staple word in the "Harry Potter" books.

  5. "It is the source of a perfume oil, also called patchouli, distilled from the leaves. In its native Indomalesian region it has been used also as an insecticide and leech repellent and to soothe menstrual cramps."

    ROTFL! No wonder it stinks so bad! Seriously. Even back in my hippy dippy days I though patchouli stank. It always struck me as something you'd want to include in a quality perfume in very minuscule quantities. Personally, I like light floral scents. If I have to choose a volatile plant extract it would be jasmine, which is the only one I can stand undiluted for any length of time.

  6. ROTFL! No wonder it stinks so bad!

    So I guess you're saying that dinner and a quicky behind the Taco Bell are out... :O LOL! I'M KIDDIN'! {sigh} {-;

    It must be genetic or sumpthin cuz everyone, whose opinion I know, has a definite "Love it" or "Hate it" take on the stuff.

    My first wife hated it so I gave up wearing it for years; at least until I finally admitted our relationship was kaput.

    More recently, I quit wearing it after about a year of marriage, simply because we were never sure where money for bills and such was coming from, so stuff like that just faded into the background.

    But I got some for meself for xmas this year. It really does feel good to smell good too. er, not that I stunk before or ... uhhh...

    (i'll be shutting up now.. {shakin'head} .)

  7. It's even funnier now that it has become a staple word in the "Harry Potter" books.

    I've not read the books, and only seen the first 2 flicks once each (all the way through, that is,) but I wouldn't be surprised if "Potter" is where I picked that word up. I'm really gonna have to check 'em out from the Library someday. Maybe those will be part of my Winter Reading list this year.

    Thanks for the idea T.A.M.!

    Oh yah, and I checked out your site this morning too. Great stuff amigo! You gots yerself a twisted side too huh? {-;

  8. "So I guess you're saying that dinner and a quicky behind the Taco Bell are out... :O LOL! I'M KIDDIN'! {sigh} {-;"

    Oh geez- I should have known you were up to something! ROTFL! No I don't think so. I have never once eaten at Taco Bell…

  9. Dang!

    I knew I should've suggested the Sizzler...

    {sigh...} C'est la vie.

    Actually, and completely honestly, I am not even looking. I'm mean, you know, I'm a man so I, hey what's up? {-;

    Really, I couldn't handle a relationship right now. It's just always fun to flirt. Even without "the thought of what flirtin' ought ta do..." *

    I am still very glad you've been commenting alot. You, and a few others, have helped to pick me spirits up tremendously lately. Thank you muchly.

    * "I want to be Seduced" - Leon Redbone

  10. What to find a cool and cute psychic too!


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