... a little bit quiet.

My first effort in JJ's Flash Fiction Fridays.

There was something a little bit quiet about this morning. No one had been here and, for a Saturday, that was less than reassuring.

Only the wind was around to kick up dust undisturbed from any revels of the night before. Music, always lingering when the pits have emptied and the drone died down, was nowhere in my mysubconscious background humming. I wasn't humming. There wasn't anything to hum. I was listening and that pissed me off.

We have an arrangement, see? These kids and me. They use my space to rave on Friday nights and I make sure the cops are never called by any of the other semi-indigents living in this crapped out building near to the old train station. They know me too. It is not just in my head like seemingly everyone has always said everything I say or 've done is. They are real.

... or at least they have been. Haven't they?

{...shufflin'off...} {mumblin'} {shakin'head}

I'm happy with the idea, but the length needs some stretchin'...


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