Board Members "went too far"

A letter to the Ohio Townships Association seemed in order indeed!

My hat is tipped to Mama and the following was sent the relevant party.

The people writing about this in this, the land of the free, are not all satisfied with "eh, whatever..." when it comes to our childrens' education. I don't think most of us would have had Mr's Cochran or Baker's gall to read the paper through such a meeting as took place on January 10, '06. If you'd reply to me that " such isn't that out of the ordinary for these meetings", you would be assuring me of someone's complete lacking in fitness for such a heavy responsibility as the education of our species' children.

As more people are pointing out, Intelligent Design is definitively not Science. It poses no testable hypotheses. It merely suggests life is too complex to understand on naturally occurring terms. It is pompous and cowardly as an ideology because it refuses to test it's own assertions. It only attacks holes in scientific immaturity which those doing that science already acknowledge exist, and have already made great strides towards filling.

I'm sorry if my tone got somewhat out of hand. I am merely angry and scared about my fellow's behaviors when the "debate" in which we're encumbered, has never been real.

Please consider objective reality more relevant than personal beliefs when supporting individuals with such responsibilities for our future society.


Michael Bains
University Heights, OH 44118

I believe I need ta tip the hat to DarkSyd on UTI as well, for the Boston Globe Opinion piece from 1999. Amazing how somethings don't become real even after prayin' for 'em for years and years...


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention!
    Wow, great letter, and thanks for the link! Yikes... How strange it would be if he actually followed it...


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