Uniformed Secret Service Police Force

No! N. O.

From Section 605 of the USA PATRIOT IMPROVEMENT AND REAUTHORIZATION ACT OF 2005 This can not be allowed to happen.

The ONLY thing that has cemented me against Sam Alito is his view that One branch of the US Government (the Executive in his preference) may have power and control over the other 2 EQUAL BRANCHES when it decides such is necessary for the National Security.

That's all. You know... nothing much. {shakin'head&growling}

This document (on freakin' Thomas.net so don't tell me it's made-up Liberal paranoia!) is simple and horrifying evidence that these fascist neo-con ass-hats not only want the power behind the scenes, they want to put Brown Shirts on the streets with you and me.

    `(b)(1) Under the direction of the Director of the Secret Service, members of the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division are authorized to--
      `(A) carry firearms;
      `(B) make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States committed in their presence, or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing such felony; and
      `(C) perform such other functions and duties as are authorized by law.

What?! Three days of free play listening to my phone calls without a warrant isn't enough? They want
SS Officers to have a uniformed street presence as well?

I suppose that's cuz I might not come on down to their office if they were to call or send a couple nicely dressed fellas to my door. If this provision made the cut, they could just scoop a person up on that one's way to the corner market and that person's roommate/spouse/family would never even know they were gone 'til they didn't come home from work the next day.

As rob @ realitique puts it

[Link] I know, I know, conservatives, a federal police force with nebulous powers of arrest isn't fascistic or totalitarian or even worrisome. It's just our Leader exercising the war powers of the unitary executive. Dear conservatives, please, get a dictionary, take a class, but do something.

Thanks rob, for the heads-up and, incidentally, a couple of good giggles. (Check the face on his SBHoJ background image! I don't think it's George Carlin, but... ) Heh heh... I needed both of 'em.

Especially after reading about our Fellow Americans' views on the Chimperor's pet project.

Happy Friday everyone...

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  1. …but the Patriot Act isn't in effect right now, no?

  2. Yes. A congressionally approved, 5 week version of the Pat Act is in effect until Feb 3.

    Single Branch Government isn't a done deal yet. Though the Dems do not seem to be up for this fight...


  3. Scary as hell, man. Ever think you wanna move to Canada? Only now, they're going to be just as bad.

  4. Thanks for spreading the story. Other undercovered stories: Internet companies considering charging per *activity* (from the Psychotic Patriot) and the latest Downing Street Memo about Bush and Blair deciding to invade before they claimed they did (from the Guardian, Independent and Channel 4).


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