Darksyd Interview (on DKos)

This is just a quick "Hey, check it out" to an enjoyable Darksyd post on DKos. ~DS~ interviews Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars!

Sehr Cool!!!
[Teaser] DS: You don't really fit into either cookie cutter shape as far as democrat or republican. How would you described yourself politically?

EB: As a mutt, I suppose. The problem with labels is that others can easily find within them far more information than you mean to convey by them, particularly if they're looking for reasons to oppose you. The closest I've come to a label for my views is "left-wing libertarian", and that of course immediately causes those on the left who think that all libertarians think like Neal Boortz to tune me out, and it causes those on the right who react negatively to anything they regard as "liberal" to tune me out as well. One of the most annoying facets of modern political discourse - and I blame the rise of political talk radio largely for this - is the tendency on the part of so many people to think that by labeling a position they have refuted that position. They really do think that by saying "that's just liberal dogma" or "that's just right wing spin", they've defeated whatever argument their opponents are taking. It's quite irritating to me.

Ain't it the truth!

I'm a registered Dem who's favorite Ohio pol is jovial George Voinovich. Well, after my pops* that is. I'd say that FDR, Lincoln, Nixon and Slick Willie C are my favorite Presidents; though not necessarily in that order.

Gotta run. Work, she be a callin'.

* Michael Bains (nee Michael Nabakowski) I think that I've posted on how this came about before. I'll check the 'chives and, if not, I will.


  1. The state of GA does not register D or R when you register but I'm card-carrrying DEM but they are usually too conservative for me.

  2. While there are certainly some Conservative Democrats in Ohio (as everywhere I'm sure,) my problem with my party in this state is that they are more of the touchy-feely-socialist-Left variety. Too many of 'em want government to take responsibility for individual's choices and they just have no comprehension of fiscal responsibility either.

    It's really frustrating to try and be rational with someone who is just not going to admit that their own problems might have something to do with their own actions.

    The beef with the Right wing is typical of the National Nutterdumb. They're too scared of losing something to acknowledge when they lied, cheated or stole to get it in the first place.

    But those extremes of course. It just seems that too many folk in my beautiful state gravitate to either one or the other, or maybe worse!, have dropped out altogether; usually with the excuse that "my vote doesn't count anyhow." THAT's a freakin' self-fulfilling prophecy...



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