A Little Something to Feel Good About

Kind of anyhow.

[Link] A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday signals a perilous year for incumbents. Views of whether most members of Congress and the respondents' own representatives deserve re-election have sunk to levels not seen since 1994, when Democrats lost control of both houses. (Related: Congress poll results)

Now the Democrats have just gotta give us a better political product; one that really does provide intelligent Social protections for lives and opportunities.

And the Republicans need to get back to classical conservatism. The kind that rewards honesty, integrity, hard work and economic ingenuity.

[Link] Typically, voters feel more favorably about their own representatives than they do most members of Congress. That's still true — 60% say their representative deserve re-election — but that figure is the lowest since 1994, and almost the same as in the first poll taken that tumultuous year.
(emphasis mine)

Oh well... I guess I'll never stop dreaming...

And on that note... Kevin, from Lean Left, provides some serious reasons why this shift in the electorate's "Ick level" towards our politicians couldn't come at a better time.

[Link] When you claim that the President is superior to the other branches of government in general and that, in particular, the President is above the law in matters of national security, there is nothing that the President cannot decide to do.
I'm leaving out the gruesome parts of his post. Check it out for yourself to learn what parts of whose anatomy our beloved Chimperor (actually any US president) has presumable Clearance to Crush if in defense of the National Security.
... history has clearly shown us that, sooner or later, any system that depends on the whim of one person will find itself controlled by a weak or evil person.
Sheesh!!! Go read his post. You'll see that some kind of sheesh definitely belongs there.

Look for a special guest appearance by "Will Roper and Tommy Moore" to sell the point that the Rule of Law is in Everyone's best interest.

Have a nice day folks.



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