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Near-Zero Emissions Power Plant Could Come To Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio is in the running to become the home of the world's first coal-burning power plant that produces almost no air pollution.

Many believe that a site in Tuscarawas County is the ideal spot for the $1 billion plant, and now several other counties are supporting the site as well

This would be an awesome investment. I just wish that BP still had their main administrative presence in Cleveland (they moved a lot of it to Chi-town when they merged with Amoco a few years back) because I think, with their working knowledge of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies, they'd be interested in supporting the lobbying effort to get this project located in nearby Tuscarawas.

This is a multi-win situation for Ohio if we get it.
[Link]"There's going to be a lot of good jobs in building the facility and a lot of good jobs for people to operate it," said Stark County Commissioner Richard Regula. "We have an abundance of coal in our region and that's a big component of it, and I think it could be a real positive."
He's not kidding about that abundance of coal, or our efforts to extract and utilize it. This is especially relevant and important as a Health issue since my own C-Town metro area is ranked as the Fifth worst in the nation for fine-particle pollution! You know, soot and such. The kind of pollution you can not only see, but taste and smell as well! Blechhh!

At least our RTA, small-time though it is relatively speaking, has been consistently expanding their fleet of Natural Gas busses over the last decade. THAT has helped the downtown experience become far less
dangerous, uninviting and just plain downright stinky.

Cleveland is a beautiful city on the shores of a Great Lake. She is also a seething cauldron of aglomerated humanity, struggling to find it's way in an ever-changing and always growing world of humans and technologies. All news like this is good news for her future.


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