Of Course We Made God

Very cool little essay by a guest columnist in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The author's name is Jeff Smith. I've really no idea what else about him.
[Link]... some (kid questions) are fuzzy, often we call them moral questions, like the difference between right and wrong. And there are questions we can't know the answer to, like how does an owl think and what does he think about? And even some that are beyond the capacity of our brains to comprehend. No matter, we grew up learning that there is always an answer, but who, we may ask, can answer the hard questions, and where is he so I can ask and learn? Well, it's someone somewhere.
It's a very nice, and basic read and is the kind of story that helps take me back to the days when I knew even less than the little I know now, and was even far more concerned about what might happen to me from not knowing. I feel better about how much I've learned in only 40 years when I remember how things used to be.

I just wonder if I'll ever stop still feeling like a child in so many other ways.


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