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Actually, there's been too much going on at work.
My boss is gone to the Lotus Developers' Conference for the week and my partner in PCSupport-crime is
on vacation 'til Friday. No big whoop. Uh huh...


I've also been AIMing with my s-daughter alot lately {and talking with her Mom about some things needin' talkin' 'bout,} so "lol" is de rigour by now.

lol ;)

errr.. and finally, I'm halfway through a short collection of Kurt Vonnegut's called Welcome to the Monkey House*. "The Hyannis Port Story"(1963) concluded in an interesting fashion. This sucks 'cuz I feel as if the man is me;

Says the Lady to her husband, Commodore:

"Your an intelligent, charming, well-educated man, and you're still quite young," said Clarice.
"I've got to find some kind of work," he said.
"We'll both be so much happer," she said. "I would love you, no matter what. But I can tell you now, darling---it's awfully hard for a woman to admire a man who actually doesn't do anything."
Only without the wife and where work is some kind of fulfilling career... I'm way too hard on myself, even though it's true that I bust butt at a decent job, and do little but this blog for love.

Anyhow, the way the story ended drew a laugh
** (lol!) and made me think, as the 2%ers reminded me just yesterday,
We've all done lots of stupid things in our lives, ... that doesn't mean we're stupid, that means we're human.
Yah, yah... I know...


* The cover of the book bothers me 'cuz it uses a pic of a chimp instead of drawing of an actual monkey... Could be the point, I guess. We're as much monkeys as are chimps.

** You'll have to read the story yourself. I hate givin' endings away. But the Kennedy's really were always good with self-deprecating humor. Especially when used to soften a victory. Heh.. .}


  1. I remember liking Monkey house but I don't recall any of the stories... it's been a while...

  2. I remember loving that collection. wasn't there one in there about a jazz playing insurance man or something? Is that the same one????

  3. Thanks for linkage ARB! By the way, has your site managed to gain anymore Evility? Mine still floats in the 33% - 38% Evil range.

    What the hekk am I doing wrong??? {-;

    Steve, yah mahn, that's the one. This guy's a clerk whose Gramps left him a bundle in funds and stocks, but his pops was a Jazz Man who left his family high n dry for the Musician's Life. Clerk-boy doesn't want his own family to know he's rich cuz that would apparently impede his ability to sneak out and fingerdance on the ivories every smokey Saturday night whilst his sweet, but less-than-averagely-intelligent, wife thinks he's working at a restaurant. That's some kind of love, there! hhhmmm...

    The story is told from the perspective of the Financial Manager who took on this new client (the "poor" clerk) thinking he only had a few hundred bucks in stocks (which is all he's told the slowish, wonderful wife.) That's what the Jazz man wants his family to know about him; that he's a hard worker who is nothing like his dead-beat dad.

    Sad stuff, that. But it's a brilliant short story.


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