Thinkus Interruptus

What happens when you love your kids so much, it impedes your ability to think.


  1. The other day I heard a playground full of children yelling and hooting and having a wild time. I had not heard that sound in...years. I almost parked my car to listen. It was like discovering an "aural" dinosaur skeleton in my backyard.


  2. Yah. wow. We were always outside in kidhood. Now kids got electronica to keep 'em indoors and online for a lot of that time. Still it's socializin' though. It's less physical online, and not necessarily less stimulating.

    It's funny that you commented on this page, as I was just thinkin' of amending it. Nothing much; just to say the kid looks too young for guns (and is a freakin' cartoon of course! lol) but that most kids should prob'ly start take a six week course on guns-n-such a year or so before getting their driver's license. I mean, it seems better to know how to use one, and not own one, then to own one, but not know how to use it.

    Especially in this cultural enviroment.


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