Super Bowl Picks

Ain't nuthin Scientific here! LOL! Since the Browns are at least another year away from being a serious contender, I don't have any intensely visceral interest. I just love the level of play in the NFL game.

I list them separated into Preseason, Midseason, and pre-Postseason which was after the last reg-season game, but before the playoffs started. The fact that 4 games have already been played this year just adds to the lack of .. er .. uhh .. scientificacy. Umm right...


Alright. So here we go:

Pre-Season Picks: Atlanta Hawks over Kansas City Chiefs What the hekk was I thinking?!?! LOL! I suppose I just thought that Atlanta's Defense had finally matured, and that it was Mike Vick's year. Also, I really thought that KC's offense, not Indy's, would be the one to explode up against the rest of the league. Even if I did think that would happen, I simply didn't think that the Chief's D was good enough to stop the Vickster.

Mid-Season Picks: Indianapolis Colts over Who cares? The NFC sucks!* After 8 games in 9 weeks, I'd determined, like nearly everyone else, that the Manning Express was unstoppable. Damn I was hoping for an undefeated season!

Pre-Postseason Picks
(The one's I'm stickin' with): Indianapolis Colts Pittsburg Steelers over Seattle Seahawks Since the time they came into the League in the 1970's, the Seahawks have been my second favorite team. I don't know why, but Seattle has always been a City on my wish-list of places to visit. Gotta do that some day.

The bottom-line remains that Manning and Company are freakin' awesome!

If the Colt's get past both a red hot Stiller's team (sorry Big Ben, you ain't quite there yet) and the best Bronco's brigade since Elway's Exit, I just don't see any way for the 'Hawk's to be the one's to knock 'em out.

Who? What? I said what???

Talk about freakin' ambivalence! {shakin'head} I couldn't help it. I was rootin' for both teams from the opening freakin' kickoff. All I can really say is "Wow!" I shoulda known by the way the Stihler's played the last 3 games of the season.

I was thinkin' about startin' a new post entitled: "Y'all Wanna See My Sylvia Brown Imitation?"

Whatever. Even though I was wrong, this was far more fun.

Emotional Wish Pick: Seattle Seahawks slaughter Denver Broncos No matter that I've been a fan of Jake "the Snake" Plummer since his college days (he put on one hell of a performance 'gainst my Luckeye's in some meaningless bowl game back in '96), thanks to the afore-mentioned Elway, I hate the Broncos!!!

This one stays as is. No more editing.

Just More Football!!!

* At that point of this past season, it really did suck, even though Seattle was starting to look for real.


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