"Willie Horton" Was Child's Play Compared to This

Crooks and Liars YouTubed one of the most profound commentaries on the failures and fallacies of the Bush Administration, and the last 5 years of Republican Party rule in general, which I've yet to see.

Many thanks to Shaker Litbrit for posting it this afternoon. Not being one who gets my news from the TV, I've yet to see the spot itself. I really can't say as I'm missing it.


  1. Don't get me wrong, it's great that Olbermann is willing to do a hard hitting bit on RNC hypocrisy. But the twin ideas of "Bush the terrorist collaborator" and 'bin Laden as the best friend of GOP" have already been discussed by a lot of people. Just not by people with as easy access to your eyeballs.

    Olbermann is about 4 years too late to this party.

  2. It needs to be said all the time anytime. America has taken a pounding by these jokers and we need to pound them back into the stoneage...and that's still too good for them.

  3. Hey now, Frogster.

    The only thing new to my skull nuggets is The Ad. KO has been on the rest of the story leading to it the whole way as far as I can recollect and, as Sumo said, it does to be bearing repeating.

    And I'm all for politically poundin' 'em right out of office so's they can back to their boardrooms and run their companies into the ground if that's their fetish.

    With responsibly intelligent folks in government, they won't find that as easy to profit from as they have in the past though.

    Guess its just that Olbermann's one of the Very Few talkin' heads actually talkin' sense. Consistently. How can you not admire that?

  4. Ooops! Should've been The Ad.

    (Don't forget to vote. {-; )

  5. By the way, 'less'n' you approve o' that ad, don't click on the "vote for this ad" link.

    Being a Democrat, I figured I'd get to vote pro or con. Bein' (just) smart enough, I guessed it might be a misuse of the word vote and be meant literally but, being gullible? - willing to give the benefit of the doubt? - not a self-deluded, half-baked nutcake, I decided to take a chance and see if the link led to a page where I could actually vote for 1 of 2 (or more) options.

    Apparently it's from the Ken Blackwell school of voting. Take "vote FOR this ad" literally and stay safe (in this case. {-;)

  6. keep puttin it out there. that's what it takes.

  7. And I'm all for politically poundin' 'em right out of office .

    Me too. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish that the pundits who had said exactly what Olbermann is saying, but who said it 4 years ago, had gotten more attention.

    Olbermann is not Edward Murrow. He just a smart man capitalizing on the shifting political fortunes of the parties. IMHO.


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