On Heads of Pins

Krauthammer sniffs his own arse. Likes what he smells and plunges in head first, then has the WaPo where-with-all to spit it out online and share it with us.

Isn't that
The question posed -- does the Iraq war increase or decrease the world supply of jihadists? -- is itself an exercise in counting angels on the head of a pin. Any answer would require a complex calculation involving dozens of unmeasurable factors, as well as construction of a complete alternate history of the world had the U.S. invasion of 2003 not happened.
Of course, he goes on to describe a growing terrorist movement pre-Iraq and how - and in one important sense, he's right - Iraq's magnetism to terrorism has kept the killers out of our country.

No attacks in the U.S. in the last 5 years, right?

Who cares who else is getting beheaded, bombed or waterboarded in that same time.

It is an issue of time frame. The bombing of the Japanese home islands may have increased short-term recruiting for the kamikazes. But success in the Pacific war put a definitive end to the whole affair.
Oh oh . . .

I'm really hoping this guy has lost any influence he's ever had in D.C., but even if he's just parroting the present patriarchy's current long range plans, that's sounding like we may not be waiting for anybody's dirty bombs before someone (the good? the righteous? the Chimperor?) goes for the nuclear fireworks...

History unfolding


  1. I love a post that starts with:

    "Sniffs his own arse."

    That is Friday blogging for you!

  2. Who says neocons are good for nothin', eh?

    The Weekend Cometh!

  3. Hell, there is no telling what this bunch of criminals may do now that they are feeling a bit desperate.

    On a happier note, Have a great weekend :)

  4. War is Peace. Didn't you hear?
    [snort] ;-)

  5. War is Peace - Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength. (Everyone repeat the mantra after me... )

    If I was a cynical type of person, I would suggest that the very reason that Iraq remains a mess is because it was never meant to be "won" in the first place.

    Perhaps it has always been meant as a magnet for islamic dissent, thus allowing the accumulation of dead bodies to occur over there rather than here.

    And if this IS so, it is at the cost of thousands of innocent lives and is a most cruel game to play.

  6. You don't have comments activated for your most recent post, which resonated with me. I have recently found comfort in realizing I'm no crazier than everyone else. We ARE separated into two selves/brains. The ancient, automatic brain that has the split-second emotional reaction (like/dislike, fight/flight, etc.) and then we have the newer "rational" mind that tries to use logic, aforethought, careful analysis, etc.

    However, most of us do what our old lizard brain likes/wants to do - then we either try to justify our decisions or punish ourselves with our newer rational cortex - it is fascinating and we're generally not aware how we're deceiving ourselves.

    I highly recommend John Haidt's The Happiness Hypothesis for the scientific studies, strategies for integrating our two brains. It's what I'm working on and what has made me a bit gentler towards myself after making STUPID decisions. Good luck!

  7. Yes, Michael, I'm commenting on your post about the self. Take care of yourself. Thinking about you!

  8. thx Ladies. From all of me that can feel it. I'm no multiple, but I can certainly understand what it's like.

    Right now I'm just sick of "workin' on that" so TO'd the comments. Rude and paradoxically attention-seekin' it may seem, but as the post suggests, I don't freakin' trust many personal decisions I'm making right now so ... blechhh.


  9. RE: You have been tagged. :)
    Five Things Feminism Has Done For Me


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