Cheese Head Calls It

This is perfect. A football analogy for the way the Dems are practically sitting on their lead in the polls.
Published on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 by the Madison Capital Times (Wisconsin)
by Ed Garvey

I always get nervous when my team is ahead and the coach decides to sit on the lead.

You know the feeling. For three quarters our passing game has been unstoppable, the running game pathetic, but with a big lead, the coach decides to the run the ball - every play. All he needs to do is eat up time. Suddenly the opponent scores, our fullback fumbles, our quarterback goes down with an injury, another score and suddenly our guys look confused and momentum shifts, but the coach keeps running the ball.

That's how I feel as we approach the two-minute warning for the Nov. 7* election. The Democrats are ahead, but they are afraid to say so or act like it. Republican policy is crumbling all around them. They face the most incompetent group of Republicans in my lifetime - from Katrina to Baghdad, from Afghanistan to the national debt - but they have opted to sit on their lead. Run the ball! No bold initiatives; no calls for troops home now; no filibuster to stop the absurd McCain torture bill.

Nope. Just sit on the lead until Nov. 7. If you say nothing while fuzzing over your positions, so the reasoning goes, you can't make a mistake and people will vote against the bad guys in power who have made plenty of big ones. So go along with the crazies to eliminate habeas corpus; detain people without charges; permit eavesdropping on Americans without judicial restraint; have the CIA run secret prisons - and maybe, just maybe, no one will "Swift-boat us." There apparently is no outrage the Democrats will not put up with while sitting on their lead. They can taste the champagne!

My advice: Look out! You don't have a quarterback and your running plays are too obvious to be successful. Go figure - a new poll found that 61 percent of Iraqis now approve of attacks on Americans. The New York Times reports that 78 percent of Iraqis now believe that the U.S. military presence is "provoking more conflict than it is preventing." And 71 percent of Iraqis want the U.S. out within a year. Hell, we can't get 71 percent of Democrats in Congress to call for a pullout within two years, let alone a year! Ah, but what do those Iraqis know, anyway.

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Speakin' of sittin' on it, Blue Girl's post on political blogtivism got me thinking and helped me realize I can't post too much OR too little on my political thoughts and feelings. What I, or she, or anybody else posts is what we should be posting if that's who are we are. If you got On Top by running the ball, then, by all means, keep shovin' it up their gut.

But if you're an aerial ace, please, Please, PLEASE let her fly!

You're a conduit BG! Whether you post on Pears or Preznits or Persimmons (you haven't posted on persimmons though, have you? Did I just imagine that one???), you've got
some of the greatest linkage and that inimitable Blue Girl Style with which no one, whe'er they be yo friend o' foe, can find fault before they start to chucklin' and smilin' and regardless of whether or not they agree that Liberty and Freedom for Everyone actually means for everyone, irrespective of how much capital is at risk. It's people, NOT profits that should always be formost in politics.

So, all I've got to say to the Democratic Party, whose fumble on the Torture Topic and more have left this November's elections still in doubt, right up to this, the fourth quarter,
throw the freakin' ball already! ! !

* It's kinda weird, but when I first read "Nov 17", it read in my mind as Nineteen 17. With North Korea testing Nukes, and neocons throwing out "appeasement" canards to pump up their base to World War readiness, I'm really not liking what the Dems "running the ball" might mean to our planet's peoples' near-term future. . .


  1. Thanks for the kind words, MB. You're a sweety.

    Tom Watson's got me all freaked out. I'm stymied over here. I had this goofy post going about our bloggy meet up and I was cracking up and now, whattwai do?

    You know, I started my blog to write about politics, but it just seems like everyone does. I've got to figure out a way to do it so I don't feel like I'm just doing the same thing. Haven't thought of anything yet!

    Are you going to do any volunteering for the election? If so, let me know and I'll join in.

    Again, thanks for the links. That made my day!


  2. I forgot to say...


    What is UP with the Democrats? How hard is it to put together a sheet of talking points based on all the GOP shenanigans over the last several years and have them all stick to it? Geez. What's wrong with them?

  3. I really think the basic problem is that they are essentially working to the same ends as Republicans: Keeping Corporate America (not in and of itself a "Bad Thing") appeased and profitable.

    People? Corporations are made of people, right? People are Stockholders, right? Lobbiests are People . . .


  4. Oh yah... Is possible, despite the above sarcasm, that I may do something on Strickland's campaign.

    The thought of Kenny Blackwell becoming Big Red is even more vomit-inducing than Sherrod Brown's vote for America's right to unilaterally decided what constitutes torture. The former would be like rebar in the concrete of the latter.

    I'll see what's up in that regard, eh.



  5. I'll be nervous till we see how many electronic voting machines register wins for Dems. That scares me more than the sitting on it.


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