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This Peacechick Mary post instigated this piece of poetry, and helped me get up for a short week at work.

Life is good. {-;

A tear

streaming down my cheek

Love from the fading night
of Summer
The sky yawns mightily
Autumn prepares our souls for Winter
So that Spring
May come again
World never ending
yet again


  1. That is beautiful, Michael!
    It takes time, but spring does show up when you least expect it.

  2. Spring is eternal. As our the Yankees.

  3. Spring does turn a young heart to thoughts of love...

  4. Sweet.

    Well, 'cept for them damn Yankees...


  5. I'm glad. You must be like me in that nature is the best medicine. It's just getting the "hum" of nature back in our hearts that does it for me.

  6. It does it for me too, PCM. Thing is, ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted to live in the country, but near to a big city.

    I get something integral from both sides of that coin, and start gettin' "edgy" without proper doses of first one then the other.

    Just writin' 'bout it, I've got Freddy Mercury's voice in head singing I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now...

    Whatchyagonnado... I don't think I've ever change in that regard, at any rate.

  7. Spring has sprung
    And Bush will whiz
    When he learns
    The House ain't his

  8. MB, you don't hate my Yanks do you? You cannot. You're not a Red Sox fan. Nobody in their right mind outside of New England could be a Sox fan!

  9. I sure do like this. I missed it at Mary's since I have had little time on the computer the last couple of days.

    I have to back off the internet sometimes and get in touch with the little reality I call my personal life. I have to refocus and re-charge. Since it's in the high 80's outside, it sure doesn't feel like fall is here yet. Next week they predict the high will only be 80, that might feel a little more fall-ish.

  10. The Red Sox, AG? To borrow BG's phrase, eeewwww!!!

    Love AG. Hate yer Yankees.

    'Tis impossible to be an Indians' fan and hold any truck with the boyz from the Bronx. Unless, of course, one happens to own them as does the former Clevelander, G. Steinbrenner.

    This year I'm on the motor-city-kitties bandwagon. Hopefully next year, my tribe will be up for another run at the Championship. I won't start holdin' my breath 'til they sign some decent free-agents though.

    I spent 9 mos in Ft Lauderdale one year, POP. From what I recall, your autumn starts and ends at some point in the middle of January, and is almost immediately followed by summer. Have fun and I hope your li'l break was a refreshing one.


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