1. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

  2. :-D Thanks!!!

    Tonight, I'm gonna party like I'm 20 years younger!

    (No worries though. Mi 'miga says she'll "hurt me" if I ruin my night by tryin' to drink too much instead o' dancin' my wee li'l brains out, which for me is really easy to do. Not only am I such a light weight! If I wasn't so dangedly shy, I'd be a Lover, not a dancer. lol!)

  3. Birthday? Did I hear someone say, "Birthday"? Glad you got one, cause we needed you to show up. Have a happy.

    The toon is perfect!

  4. Happy Birthday, Michael! Have a really good time tonight!

    I'll post a little somethin' for ya.



  5. Your birthday?? Have a happy one, and don't get too drunk or you won't remember it (but everyone else will - LOL!).

    You share a birthday with Madonna's daughter, Ralph Lauren, John Dean III, Roger Moore, William Penn, President Ike and Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks! That's a well-rounded diverse bunch.

  6. little late, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. Michael, I'm assuming you had such a good time celebrating that you slept through Sunday in order to recover and aren't reading this till Monday. Good going!

    Hope you had a happy one!

  8. whoa... LOL!

    Thank you ALL very much! I might add more later, but for now, and it's a looong story, I have NOT slept since 8:30am Saturday. I drove my 22 yo nephew Jeff and his best friend Mike and my best friend up to Toronto for a Rave to celebrate 3 of our Birthdays. It lasted from 10PM to 6am and then I drove us back.

    And yes, it was absolutely Worth It.

    (Oh yah! 1 Beer and LOTS of energy drinks + some, ummm, party favors were employed to ensure a good time all around.)

    Whew!!! NOW I just might sleep through 'til tomorrow!

    Finding all your comments here at quarter after 3 the next day is really the ultimate topper. THANKS again!!1!


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