Red Auerbach: 1917 - 2006

"You handle animals. People, you deal with."
While it is oh so true that people are animals, if we start with this premise, which to me inplies that every human being is worthy of the same respect and consideration that each of us desires and appreciates being shown towards ourselves, then perhaps we can focus our instincts and the emotions of our animal natures towards a more beautiful, peaceful and still phenomenally productive future for all livings things.

As time marches on, may we all learn to "deal with" each other more humanely.



  1. Reminds me of the oldie, but goodie, Golden Rule which should be used except when dealing with sadists and masocists. Fortunatley, the only ones of those I know are politicians, so anything goes there.

  2. LOL! Alas, Mary, I've known (and once loved one o' them) some folk of both types, and neither were politically inclined in the least.


    Thank goodness for that at any rate.


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