Piece of Mind

One step forward. Two steps back.

Oh... and vice-a-versa 'long the way, don'tchyaknow.
. . .

Thirty years now sleeping, so sound
War raises its head, and looks slowly around
The sinner is near, sensing the fear
And the beast will start movin around

Cant you see their souls calling out in their brain
Cant you hear their blood is boiling setting them alight


Sacrifice to vice or die by the hand of the
Curse and damn you all you fall by the hand of the
I'm still reading The Three-Pound Enigma and there's a li'l asteriskical on what one cognitive neuroscientist calls "the seven sins of memory" which seems to have activated the wide variety of neurons in my noggin that bring the above Judas Priest ditty* to mind.**

From The Three-Pound Enigma, page 246, Chapter 7 - Open Mind

(Daniel) Schacter's seven sins of memory include transience (the slow loss of access to a memory over time), absent mindedness (not thinking to grab your keys as you rush out the door until it swings shut behind you), blocking (which Schacter defines as "tip-of-the-tongue states and the like"), misattribution (thinking you read something in the New York Times when you really saw it on Oprah), suggestibility (implanted memories of the sort some people believe [those of people diagnosed with MPD really are], bias (where what you know now affects what you remember happening the past: "I never loved that jerk"), and persistence (the inability to forget things you'd like: "Why can't I just forget [It]?")***
"Why", indeed. . .

Two steps forward, and one step back.

* Regardless of the lyrics, this jam has got the nastiest assed guitar work that I've ever heard. Priest became "pop rock" about three albums later, maybe two. 'Tis a shame.

** The combination of J. Priest and brain research naturally activated the wide variety of neurons which mean I'm thinking of Iron Maiden. Thus the title of this post.

Go figure.


*** I took a few liberties with the quotation here, simply to avoid some references which wouldn't make any sense unless you're reading the book. They're clearly marked within [ . . . ] to avoid any semblance of BS on my part.


  1. I sometimes think my mind likes to play little tricks on me (like the forgotten keys). I can have comedy in my life and appreciate humor when I see it and it likes to remind me of difficulties when I think I'm beter than I am - keeps me humble. When my mind wanders at times, it's doing the best thing for me as the mind needs time to wander about and play.

  2. There are times when my mind wonders off and doesn't return. Then I have to try to remember where it went.

    Seriously, the more stress I feel, the less I am able to think or remember stuff. After the house was torn up by the hurricanes a couple of years ago, I was like an idiot, couldn't keep my thoughts straight and could remember nothing from one minute to another.

  3. JP and Iron Maiden eh? Sounds like you should tine in to Maiden front-man Bruce Dickinson's rock show as that's his kind of playlist!

    And it's every fan's chance to contact Bruce with questions, ideas and comments....and to hear some great music!

    Why not email Bruce? bruce.dickinson@bbc.co.uk

    Bruce's show on BBC 6 music from 9pm every Saturday www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/bruce_dickinson (online and DAB) and you can listen online all week at that address!

  4. That's how I feel waaaay too often these days, POP. I know I just need something (or even Someone) to stop it for a few days or weeks so I can get my groove back.

    It's been most of a year now and I'm sick of sinking back into, but can't seem to stop for any length of time this time around.

    I really think I'll be alright. I just don't feel it for more than a few minutes at a time and it's not. helping. at. all.


    Thanks for the link Fifihen. I saw the Brucester with IM twice, back in the day. One show his voice RANG incredibly, and the other it only rocked cuz, well, it was Maiden! lol

    I'll check it out.

  5. Hiya. Been subscribed to your blog for a while but I had a bit of a backlog aaaand... since I just finished catching up from when you hosted the godless, thought I'd stop by and say I appreciate what you do here.

  6. Merci beau coup, Aesmael! My silly ol' ego gets all pumped up hearing such appreciation and 'tis no lie.

    I really love those CotG's for some of the excellent blogs AND bloggers I've found via both hosting and visiting others.

    I've been reading your LJ site for the last half-hour or so and really dig the way you write, not to mention the subject matter (uhhh, which I just, er, mentioned...) Very cool astronomical updating!

  7. MB, do I know you?

    I can't remember.

    Have we ever met?

    My mind must be playing tricks on me. I swear I've seen you somewhere.


  8. Who are you and why are you commenting on this "Weblog" thingymahickamajobber???



  9. didn't the atf used to use metal bands as instruments of torture? i can't seem to remember :)

  10. Only on Country Music fans, Betmo. :-p

  11. Oh now then, good for the ego all round. Thanks muchly. :-)


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