Sorry. It Can't Be Done

It's not like forgiveness is even being asked by anyone so far.

Forgiveness comes later, regardless. Fixing the problem comes first.

How to get the blood off our Ideals?


  1. Yes. Please! This is not who we are. We have to take a stand.

  2. To quote myself:
    "It was a physical victory for the terrorist the day they knocked down those towers in New York City. If they have knocked down our values, annihilated our sense of justice, destroyed all the progress we have made since the end of the Spanish Inquisition, then their victory is complete. We may still be breathing, our buildings may still be standing, but as a civilization we are already dead."

  3. That IS a Very Good post, double D.

    Thanks for quoting it here!

  4. It breaks my heart to see the numbers lost in Iraq this week. Can Bush just get over himself and Condi just shut it and do something about removing people from Iraq?

    So sad.


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