The Legal Way for Religious Political Activism

We went down this road just a couple of years ago with the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, in which the establishment tried to cover-up for its aberrant underlings. Once again, it is the hard right wing conservatives, this time in government and not the church, who have been preaching family values, but when it comes down to it are willing to forsake the interests of the children in their care simply so that they can retain their power and influence. This kind of behavior, which is at variance from the ethics of the rank and file in the Catholic Church or the Republican Party, stems from an attitude of arrogance on the part of the leadership that sees other people as "the problem" while seeing themselves as the indispensable solution without which the social order would collapse. They cannot tell on their own colleagues because then "the other side" would score an ideological, or in this case, political victory. These same people continuously rail at "postmodernism" and the philosophy of "moral relativism" in their opponents, even as the law and morality are subordinated to political gain in their own lives.

What You Can Do

Dennis Hastert and John Boehner and tell them that you think that they should resign their positions. People who will not take responsibility for the protection of children do not belong in public life, no matter what their party affiliation, much less if they have made careers dispensing moral bromides as the alleged conscience of the nation. Decent Americans of all political and religious persuasions should find this whole affair repugnant and demand a higher standard of our national leaders.

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See dat Blue Girl? I'm in no way goopy enough to wanna stomp out anybody's god-belief. I even appreciate it muchly when its morality is rationally concerned with the Good of All. In other words, it's not the god-belief that disgusts me (who am I to judge that? LOL!) but the uses to which people put it.

Kinda like is being and has been done by the politically based christianity of folks like Hastert, Bush and Foley, et al...

The only real difference I have with this CAFP newsletter is that it honestly assumes rank an' file folk don't share the same values. These guys wouldn't be so freakin' successful if A LOT of everyday average folks didn't think and feel the same hypocritical, intolerant and ultimately paranoid and destructive way.


  1. No way. No how! I am not sending any money to that red region of Jacksonville.

  2. Hey now and Dig It, AG. I just like their example of being politically ative yet non-sociopathic christians.

    Quite an amazing feat in these times, dontchyathink?

  3. I can't find any real fault with it either, though I too refuse to give money to religious organizations.

    We need non-crazy Christians to get motivated enough to counter-balance the nut jobs who have hijacked Christ while ignoring his teachings. May this November would be a good time to start?

  4. I can't give $$$ to the christians either, but yeah... it's well-written and nothing to object to even if you happen to be a heretic like me. ;-)

    I read some stuff on their website. Sounds like they are not right-wing fundies and they want separation of church and state. Gotta love that and hope there's more of it. Refreshing.

  5. Foley is a scum, but I want to see Denny Hastert go down over this--after he becomes the minority leader, of course.

  6. I sent them both a missive that simply said...R E S I G N ! It would be sooo nice!


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