Femme Finale - For Now Anyhow

There was a recent warm blast of what I'll - not unflinchingly - call Femiblogging which swept through some of my favorite portions of the blogosphere. For me, it started with Shakespeare's Sister's post, Angry Men, Searching Men -- And What They Can Learn From Girls and Queers. As I learned from Coturnix, it actually was prompted by Sara Robinson's There's Something About The Men.

Over the course of the Femi-Fest, I found a whole lot of perspectives to which to both compare my own and discover what others have grownup thinking and believing about the roles and responsibilities of both men and women in the biocultural evolution of our species on the only planet on which we currently exist.

There are so many bloggers I read who don't necessarily write about feminism as such. They simply live and love their lives in ways which make me, upon finding and reading and interacting with them electronically, very happy to be alive at this time in human history. I really am lucky and, if you take a few clicks on my sidebar, you'll see why that is oh-so true.

Except for bumping the following grateful response to those who've linked to my post, I'll just be encouraging any who happen upon this to follow the links. As long as Homo Sapiens is extant, and regardless of how much thought and personal effort we individually put into this topic, it will always be the most important dynamic in our continuing struggle to find happiness and Forever in our limited time in this universe.

Well, alrighty then. I'm off to live my silly human life offline.

Namas te and Happy Friday everyone!
Suzanne, Glenda, Earl: (And Shakes 'n' Coturnix too) Thank you all very much!

Your kind words and linkage (to) here, and in each of your posts, have really touched me. I'm of that ilk who has a wee bit o' trouble with such appreciation because inside my brain ignite connections of synapses causing thoughts of all the things I've done in my life which belie any truth to my deserving appreciation. I know that's not "fair" to you, and its certainly not fair to your perceptions of me or me my silly ol' self.

But I made the decision to come out of my head and my circle of friends and share these parts of who I am and how I think in a nonanonymous manner and to deal with the consequences of such, quite honestly, in the hopes of overcoming my own selfhatred and whatever it is that made me think my destructive/demeaning choices were ever options at all. Your words and linkage, though typically resulting in the aforementioned bursts of unwanted memories and associations, truly do push me towards finding the means to be damping down those self-reproachments
as well as any new reactive behaviors/urges/anaesthesiological attempts to ignore or flee the same.

I've an ego which seems the size of a football field at times, whilst at others it barely reaches beyond my three pounds of brain and that average length of bio-tubing evolutionarily developed to keep me going when I'm gone. {-; Being recognized as having said something worth hearing by such wonderful people as all y'all is proving to be an effective antidote to my Fear of Me.

You've all so many wonderful and well-considered posts on ideas and realities which our species has bio-culturally evolved and encountered. It is simply
and amazingly a fantastic and salvatory boon for me to have found and been found by you.

Thanks again and I hope others can benefit even a little from this wonderful attempt to discover what Feminism, Masculinity and Humanism can truly be not only for each of as individuals, but by extension and the synergy of numbers, for the entirety of our species and our world.

Actually, it would be totally remiss of me to not include the initial emotional impetus to my actually jumping into the fray on this omnissue: Thank you so much Beep!Beep! for taggin' me on your 5 Things Which Feminism Has Done For Me.


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