On Minimizing Voting Voodoo

This story about the National Institute of Standards and Technology being brought in to verify the legitimacy of electronic voting machines was just 'bout anything but chuckle-worthy.

At least until this bit . . .

However, Ian Piper, representing the Election Technology Council of the Information Technology Association of America, expressed concern that such posting might reveal trade secrets.

He also said that the commission needs to work to reduce the required frequency of the tests, and requirements for duplicate tests.

He called for uniform test standards throughout the United States. Piper is also director of compliance for Diebold Election Systems.

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Who'd a'thunk he'd have a problem with objective standards being required for these groundbreaking new machines?


Happy Voting Season everyone! I've yet to discoverer whether my precinct will be using paper or silicon. Either way, I'm just gonna assume the best unless I discover otherwise.


  1. Thank goodness my area still hands you a ballot and a pen. Never had any trouble doing it that way. The whole country should be doing it the old fashioned honest way.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. We have electronic - boo! But, that is Florida. I vote by paper through absentee, but even that is no insurance that it will be counted as in the last election a huge pile of uncounted absentee votes were found AFTER the results were announced.

  3. Yeppers. No matter which method we use, it's the people counting the votes (and making decisions on procedures) who give the process its integrity.

    Good luck and good weather!

  4. Either way, I'm just gonna assume the best unless I discover otherwise.

    Naw...take a camera, and if you're machines are Diebold Republi-vote 2000's, photograph 'em f*cking up.

  5. You got it Frog! My cell phone's a camera type. If my booth says Diebold on't, I'm definitely takin' that pic!

  6. Went electronic over here. Suspect that if any democrats win here in Texas, it'll more likely be because of hacking than a statewide change of heart.

  7. Here's hoping these elections come out fair and the voters show good sense and morals (i.e. agree with me).


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