Talk About "Intelligently Designed"!

Dawkins handles The Master with incredible aplomb.

Enjoy! (but please keep the feces throwin' to a minimum, unless you're plannin' to clean it up yerself. {-; )


  1. No feces here. I think Hawkins is one of the biggests hunks around. Near swoon.

  2. he is so cool and positive, dawkins, that is, not colbert.

  3. Dude do be suave, don't he.

    If only I may age so well.



  4. I think UC watched this the other night.

    I know the flying spaghetti monster was one of the blogs that encouraged him and Pinko to start 3Bulls.

  5. Quite the kick-starter, that FSM.

  6. I think UC may have seen Dawkins talk before. I know he's read the Selfish Gene.

  7. TSG is yet another book on my Wish List. I wish Dawkins would come to C-Town for book signing.

    Hhhmm... Gots to double-check that website, eh.


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