An "Enlightened" Neocon Speaketh

Anyone wanna read why all us Lib'rul bloggers are terribly terribly wrong-headed in our support of Peace, socially conscious government and a cessation of hostilities in Iraq?

We're medievally messed in the head, folks! Medievally I tells ya!

Despite my usual desire for civility, I must to be sayin' that it felt kinda cool to let the snark flow in my reply. Not that I expect him to read it.


  1. I expect that if he does reply, he'll get medieval on your ass.

    (I firmly believe the world would be a better place if everyone quoted Samuel L. Jackson at least once a day.)

  2. I'm not Samuel L. Jackson, but I still approve this message.

    (Jeezzz.. I've seen too many politimercials already.. .)

  3. Some things the far right say are just amazing, like blaming everything on... Jimmy Carter! Huh?

    I find it interesting this guy (and others) attack Carter when, more than ANY other Democrat (and most Repubs), he was one of theirs: a fervent Southern Baptist who actually practiced what he believed. ... Oh, that must be it: He DID it. They just TALK about it while making themselves rich.

  4. Yeah, I couldn't read all of that. I've got more important things to do with my time than read such idiocy. I did read far enough to know he lumped Kissinger in with Carter and all those he thinks are wrong. Hasn't he heard that Kissinger is on George W's speed dial?

  5. ...He DID it. They just TALK about it...

    Way too often 'tis far too true.


    Sure the Shrub's got Hank on SpD. How else could he manage to remember which course he is or isn't staying? I doubt if even the Decider trusts Turdblossom anymore.

    (No, actually, I don't doubt he still trusts Rover. But that's just cuz he doesn't understand the half of what Rove's tellin' him and he (Rover) hasn't been convicted, much less indicted! Yet. {-; )

  6. Okay our minds are "medieval". Fine, now what's his excuse for his idiotic brain farts? I'll tell you what it is, they are maxi-evil.

  7. I haven't left ya. Just seems like when I try to post a comment that takes a few minutes to write it doesn't post. It's discouraging and I never want to retype it. Sometimes I remember to copy it before trying so that I still have it if it doesn't post but then sometimes I just stupidly think, "there won't be a problem" and then it's lost.

    I just wanted you to know I'm still reading.

  8. so that must be where I get my Axis of nediEVILism.

  9. well, I think Bush is just plain old evil.

  10. Y'all are too funny!

    7 Days and Counting, eh. Then we'll see what if our government gets returned to real people, and not just shills and tools.

  11. Michael...check on my blog for a couple of pictures and a link. You're lucky I remembered.


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