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Atheism, properly understood, is no mere disbelief; is in no wise a cold, barren negative; it is, on the contrary, a hearty, fruitful affirmation of all truth, and involves the positive assertion of action of highest humanity.
-- Charles Bradlaugh, "A Plea for Atheism," Humanity's Gain from Unbelief (1929)


  1. Hey MB, off topic here for a sec.

    Love your new little monkey photo!

    Go here:


    ...and watch the video Larry linked to!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Atheism is taking responsibility for everything you do and everything that happens to you. No excuses, no bs.

    The little chimp led me here :)

  3. Well, I'm not an atheist, but I am an agnostic mostly because I find it to be the only logically defensible position.

  4. You a baaaad girl, BG. But that's a GOOD thing! lol! Thanks for the tip. The "Is this goin' somewhere" got me too.

    Nice to see ya here, POP! He is a cute li'l bugger, ain't he? I just wish his head would shake on Blogger like the original does (see my Flickr).

    Hola Tonya! "See ya" in little while. Got some hippy shoppin' to do when I'm done commentin'.

    I can dig that, Kvatch. I was perfectly content for years sayin' "agnostic" 'stead o' atheist. I just changed cuz I concluded there ain't no way t'ever know such a thing, outside of culturally cultivated personal preference. That, and advances in string theory, make me think the god-concept is simply a silly human construct, so I go with atheist now instead.

    Like I would know... {-;

  5. his head was shaking at the comment you left on morning martini today but now it's not. Maybe he got tired.

  6. I'm not even gonna try to figure it out. Right now, it's shakin' on my blogger profile, and I've never seen it do that on here!


  7. In my life I've gone from areligious (as in having no religion because I didn't know what they were) thru full on borna again happy clapping baptist and on to devout athiest.

    Once I figured someone else's beliefs were crap and had a look at mine and realise they were indefensible too! All religion is crap, utter bunk from start to finish.

    We're all alone in this cold world (apart from each other, sweet mercy). Follow the golden rule, and what Patricia said.

  8. We're all alone in this cold world (apart from each other, sweet mercy).

    Love that.


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