I Am the Beaver


  1. I just saw your little chimpster over at Neil's and thought I would come by to see how he's doing. Still looks like he has no answers, I know the feeling. I shake my head the same way over most of the news I hear these days.

    Love the cartoon!

  2. Howdy POP! You know, I sure wish I knew who made that head shakin' li'l guy. I'd love to give 'em due props for it.

    He just shows how I feel about so many of our silly species' activities perfectly.

    See ya!

  3. That would be Bush's great grandson on the right I guess. The beaver would have replaced the elephant as an emblem of Republican industiousness - "Workin'hard to solve this planet's problems" would have become the party slogan. Palm trees would be growing in DC by then, and the island's what's left of the White House lawn...

    And Dick Cheney IV's undisclosed location didn't do him any good after all...

  4. Well, if that lil' beaver is Canadian (I suspect he might be) (s)he'll leave that tree to stand.

    Don't you worry!

  5. And the 1 million dollar question is>>> " Where is he going to build the dam?" :)

  6. taj, hit the nail on the head with that one. Those Canucks are so predictable.

  7. I'm bettin' the beaver gets sick o' the pessimist with whom (s)he's (heheh) sharin' this tropical paradice (which apparently is all that's left of D.C.!) and will use said pessimist to damn off a nice little lagoon.

    No tree damaged. No more Bush.

    Happy Ending all around!



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