Carlin - Rasmussen in '08!!!

Touched By An Atheist

In case you didn't check the last comments section.

This deserves Front Page treatment anyhow!

Thanks Brent!


  1. That was excellent!!

    I love George Carlin.

    Did you hear he's going to be on The Tonight Show with Ann Coulter tomorrow night? (Wed.) -- Should be GREAT!


    Even though I hate she's getting all the publicity -- which you know that's all it is.

  2. Oh man! {bummin'} I'm one o' those early mornin' folk, so haven't seen a T'Night Show in Years!

    Let me know how hot Carlin scorches Mr Coulter. Though there'll probably be a Google Vid on it quitely soon.

    (Hhhmmm... Come to think of it, that's the Chin's show, right? I kinda doubt they'll be on at the same time. {sighhh} One can hope.. .}

  3. Now how could you not love that?

  4. I saw the Leno show with Mann Coulter and Carlin. How lame! They didn't even put the camera on him to capture any expressions on his face! Cameras stayed on her the whole time. Why did they let her go on with her bullshit and kept Carlin quiet? I saw at the end of it all he was sitting there with his hands clasped over his mouth like he was ready to burst. I found this little poem that might explain why she gets away with this stuff where other people wouldn't:

    Ann's Master Plan
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    A right-wingnut woman named Ann
    Had a book tour publicity plan:
    She would spew on TV
    Lies and venom with glee,
    And they'd let her, cause Ann ain't a man.


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