Happy 2nd Millenium Day to our Satanist brethren around the world!

{Silly freakin' Humans.. .}


  1. And to some, including me, happy 40th birthday! (for those of us born on 6/6/66) :)

  2. Today is my former husbands birthday he was born in 1966.

  3. Oh man, Ang! I remember you sayin' that at one time, and I told myself to remember, but forgot! D'oh!

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Angie!!!
    (One ! each for Past, Present and Future)


    And Happy exHusband's Birthday(?! lol!) Tonya! {-;

  4. There was a brief blurb on the news here last night about a woman whose birthday was today and she was born in 1940 (making her 66 on 6/6/06, for the math-impaired out there). She also said that her grandson was born on Friday the 13th. Both of them seemed to be quite nice despite being the spawn of the Devil.

  5. LOL! It's just the matter-o-fact way you wrote it, Jami. Made me bust up laughin' when I read that at work.


  6. well, michael, it seems we've made it through 666. though sadly, i woke up tuesday morning expecting all the 'christians' to have been caught up in the rapture: whisked away in the dark of night to meet their maker (leaving us heathens to fend for ourselves, thank you very much). once i got over that disappointment, i got out of bed thinking perhaps WWW III (or the apocalypse --- or rather, they are one and the same perhaps) would start with a 'nucular' bomb landing right smack dab in here in brooklyn. no such luck. so anyway, onwards and upwards with the millenium.


  7. "Onward and upwards" indeed, Anita!

    Though I sometimes wonder - in my even darker moments - whe'er the Rapture has already occurred, and all us heathens, atheists and homer seckshuls are stuck here with all the fake christians in Hell.

    Then I see a bird chasin' a squirrel 'cross the road* and remember that Life can truly be a lot of fun.

    * True story! lol!


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