Listen: I know this is picky . .

. . but really, you'd think since he knows the guy's name, he'd also know that he's blind.

I actually think it's kind of a typical and
cute human mistake. The kind that should get Georgie boy to acknowledge that he really is allowed to admit when he screws up!

Eh... Sometimes, I expect too much.
Check it out if you've nae yet seen it. Like I said, it's kinda cute, though I wanted to hear Dub's response to Wallstein's Carl-Question. And the guy who posted it thinks the Shrub should avoid humor in these instances. Not sure if I agree with him there, but I could see his point. {-;

Lya via Frankie. Thanks my godless compadres.


  1. Bush is so cut off from reality that I'm not surprised by this incident.

  2. My husband, who loathes GWB maybe even more than Shakespeare's Sister and Kevin Wolfe combined ....:)

    actually is cutting him some slack on this one.

    But, I'm not. Wanna know why? Cuz Bush had that whole W attitude in full swing. Like, YOU are going to speak with ME wearing shades? Don't you know who I AM?

    His little holier than thou attitude bit him in his little holier than thou butt.

    I guess he called the guy and apologized.

    Res also pointed out an interesting tidbit. That all the other reporters laughed. They had to know they guy was legally blind, right?


  3. Yah, I think you nailed the reason I bothered posting it, BG. If it weren't for his arrogance, I'd've been wondering what the big deal was.


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