Stress'll Make Ya Want To Sleep With the Fishes

This sounds like a something PZ should open a Franchise for, here in the US. He seems to be in need of some R & R.
Chill With a Jellyfish, Rent a Pup:
Japanese Pay Big for Stress Relief

By Anthony Faiola

Washington Post Foreign Service

Monday, June 5, 2006; Page A01

ENOSHIMA, Japan -- As dusk draped this seaside town in darkness, Ikiko and Kuniyo Hirutani prepared themselves for the unknown. Tonight, they would sleep with the fishes, and both had come prepared -- with sleeping bags and pillows.

The sisters were there with 30 other stressed-out women, ages 28 to 57, seeking inner peace through communion with marine life. For about $120 each, they joined in Enoshima Aquarium's overnight relaxation program -- including a 45-minute session in which the women massaged their arms and legs in a room lit mostly by ghostly, biofluorescent jellyfish swaying gracefully to New Age music.

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Although I'm thinkin' he might have a different music playlist in mind... Ya never know. Regardless, it sounds to me like it has potential.


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