"(L)et's not close the door on human hope."

Fabio Mussi - Italian Minister of University and Research
Minister roils Italy on stem cell research
By MARIA SANMINIATELLI, Associated Press Writer Sat Jun 3, 3:35 PM ET

ROME - Italy's new research minister has touched off a political storm in this Roman Catholic country by saying he was open to embryonic stem cell research.

The fuss began when University and Research Minister Fabio Mussi — a left-wing lawmaker from a former Communist Party — said during a visit to Brussels this week that he had removed Italy's signature from a "declaration of ethics" objecting to using European Union funds for embryonic stem cell research.

The declaration had allowed its seven signatories to block any EU plans for funding such research in countries that allow it. In Italy, stem cell research is illegal and is not affected by Mussi's decision.

"Let us stay open to dialogue on ethics, and let's not close the door on human hope," Mussi said, defending his position in a front-page commentary published Friday in the Rome daily La Repubblica.
A Toast to Human Hope and Salut to an Italian politician who has broken mold and put his reason ahead of his folks' superstitions.

I know
nothing of Mussi which isn't printed in the article, but it's clear he has the use of his faculties when it comes to science and ethics. At least on this point, he is aware of the hostage-taking being done by the six nations left as signatories of the disingenous "declaration of ethics".

I rarely compare the US and EU. As similar as our folk are, we have some extraordinary differences which prohibit an honest or relevant head to head comparison on most issues. The European Union has the type of Stem Cell plan which, whilst
I still consider it unreasonably restrained by silly social superstition, is respectfully worded to let the abundance of religious know that their views are taken seriously, despite their unwillingness to use their intelligence on this issue of life-saving research which has such promise for effecting better lives for all folk.

Neither eugenics nor even abortion have an inevitable correlation with Stem Cell Research. The Roman Catholic Church and the legions of Xtian spin-offs who decry such emminently profound and efficacious morality as is found in honest application of reason and experiment, must recall that they are NOT THE OWNERS OF THEIR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS! "My God, my God... Why have you no substance?" Because "It" only exists in your
heads my silly freakin' bretheren.

"It" cannot exist in mine nor anyone else's understanding of our existence because It is a catchall to stand in for what we just don't yet know.

One of these days, people are going to look back and see that the prohibition against stem cell research is akin to prohibiting such superficially divergent practices as the drawing of blood, or Caesarian sections, or biopsies or antibiotic reasearch. We need proceed with caution, yes. But proceed we most responsibly must do.

Love your illusions. I do (HA! For the most part.. .) Practice them at home and amongst the groups with which you find "spiritual" uninimity and share them as personally and widely as you will. You are free and beautiful in your humanity.

Try forcing even the most well-intentioned of your sillinesses on me politically and you are commiting an act of violence for which you will be held accountable.

Happy Sunday Morning


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