Carnival of the Godless #42

Carnival of the Godless
Hosted by the midnight blue, Atheist Mama, deep in the heart of Red Ohio.

Happy Sunny Sunday!


  1. Good links. I posted basically the identical comment to one or two of them, managing to completely confuse myself because I thought on one that I was on your blog and addressed whoever it was as "Michael."

    It was close to beddy-bye time...

    Personally, I'm not a theist and have pretty much stated that by now on my blog - I don't believe in any divine Entity, whom I've affectionately labeled, "Og" for "Other-God," in the interest of making better puns such as "Wizards of Og" who "blow smoke."

    However, calling me "atheist" as a primary identifier is somewhat misleading in its own way.

    So although existentially I'm ok, I now face a crisis of categorization. I did, however, much appreciate a comment from one fundamentalist (I had to delete it - the rest of his material had no comedy value and was pure "Christian hatred") designating me as "The False Messiah."

    It's nice to be noticed...


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