Queen of the Rabid Lambs

Oh mi amiga!

Blue Girl has returned from her Kossakian Hajj* and has the story of her meeting with our Licentious
** Liberal Leader.

The room went silent.

We awaited the word of Kos.

I could not look directly at him. You look directly into the sun, you get burned. So I allowed my eyes to fall somewhere around the soles of his Hush Puppies until I heard his response.

He rose from his chair. Bloggers, mere squadrons of rabid lambs, gasped.

You! You can have pie!

Relieved, everyone exhaled.


Oh! But I cannae possibly convey the conditions of the Hallowed Moment which next transpired on my own. Please, oh please, do to be reading directly the words of this Holy Transpiration from the keyboard of Ohio's own Kossian Chosen One Herself. (Though I'm sure m'Lady has peasants to be taking her dictation on these things.)


(Though, now that think about it, I may be forbidden to use that apocryphylation anymore. . . {shakin'.. just shaking...} I better go read
Kos to find out.)

Me ne frego!

(Welcome back, kid. errr, BG***. (-;)

* I wonder if we can get NYCity declared persona non grata to conservatives..? But what the hekk would us real humans do with Wall Street?

** Ehh.. I needed to alliterate and, as an ignorant Librul, what do I care whether it's accurate or will invoke the wrath of said Liberal Leader. I'm just lying and whining anyhow...

*** Great. NOW I know I'm doomed. {sighhh}


  1. I missed ya while I was in Florida, ya silly human.

  2. lol! ;-D

    I checked in on the blog, whilst y'all were out. Looked good, so I had glass a water and headed on home.

    Welcome back Lady! I'm workin' on stuff for a friend, but will "stop by" later on or t'morrow mornin'.

    See ya!

  3. That's hiLARius!

    This is Bains! Not Ashley, whose house I'm at and ... ahhh... nevermind... LOL!

  4. I work on Wall Street, wich cracks me up because I work at a non-profit in a building full of non-profits, but that is another story. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal this week about how Wall Street is becoming the next 5th Avenue. There's a BMW dealership that came in a year ago in a storefront that formerly held a Rochester Big & Tall store. Now Tiffany's is coming. Plus Naomi Campbell and other celebs bought condos at a fancy bank-turned-hotel-turned-Cipriani condo. You'd better believe all of us do-gooders are gonna be shown to the door when our lease is up... (Sorry this was so long.)

  5. I'm not. That was pretty interesting stuff about the changing face of Wall Street.

    I do hope to someday work in NYC. If not, no biggy, but it's still a wee dream o' the Big City.


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