Michael's Emo

Like, ya know, sometimes... {-;
Hope Is Emo: Chapter One

This is like, totally making fun of myself? And, like, you know, like, to give a shout-out to Professor Myers who, well, you know, like, is totally into squid, or something..?

(Gothtard... heheheh.. .)


  1. Oh yah!

    And my trip to You Tube was totally inspired by Brent's posting of a classic Carlin sketch!

  2. That. Was. So. Emo. I. Can't. Stand. It.


    Loved it!

  3. Like! I mean, totally. Like, ya know? aha!


  4. It's the same joke I hear from Sky every morning when I drop him off for school and kids that look just like that are standing out front. Sky says, "Look at me I am so different, I listen to emo music, I get my clothes at Hot Topix, and no one uses the same shade of black on their nails as I do."


  5. Oh the shame! lol!

    I still have the same bottle of black nail polish I bought when I was like, twenty one, or somethin'. Like, ya know.

    But that was just to be diff from my metalheaded Big Hair bros y 'migos. Who were ever so diff from my previous, flannel wearing, stoner compadres.

    Now, I'm just old. {sighhh}{rollin'eyes}


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