{shruggs} Whatever . . .

I find it kinda weird that Wednesday's Senatorial "eff off" to the Homophobe Amendment isn't still all over the news.

Is the press dissappointed? Do they think threats to Americans' liberty are passe?

Maybe it's just cuz it never had a chance anyhow, so they're just moving on to other things; like Zarqawi's death and . . . sheesh! There
isn't anything else close to being as important as this.

(BTW, I had a post on Bush's BS on the topic yesterday, but got to involved in breaking it down and, with no deadlines, never felt satisfied enough to publish it. Maybe I'll polish it up and post it later this weekend.)
Published on Thursday, June 8 2006 by The Nation
No Majority for Discrimination
by John Nichols

President Bush threw what was left of his influence on Capitol Hill behind the move by social conservatives to amend the Constitution to discriminate against gays and lesbians. But when the votes were counted Wednesday, the president was not even able to muster a majority in the Senate.

When the critical test came on the election-year proposal to amend the Constitution to essentially ban same-sex marriage -- along with a number of other basic protections for gay and lesbian families -- only 49 senators voted to move the amendment forward.

That was far short of the 60 votes needed to invoke cloture, close off debate and force a vote on the actual amendment. And it was a full 18 votes short of the 67 needed for the Senate to approve a Constitutional amendment.

I like that .. threw what was left of his influence ... Time ain't helping folk to like this president any better.


  1. The fact that anywhere near 49 senators could've voted for this bigotry in what, I presume, was to them "good conscience" is still disturbing.

  2. Dig it man. Having a conscience sucks sometimes, ain't it...


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