The American Way

I am not particularly proud of the fact that I've been there, done that.

Though I do kinda remember it fondly.


  1. Way unrelated to your post, the little chimp is moving in your avatar at my site. Did you fix him or what? Just thought I'd do chimp reporting today :)

  2. lol! I've still no idea Patricia. He seems to dance when he wants, and chill when he feels like it.

    Guess he's just his own chimp. Yep. He's shakin' right now! (Though prob'ly won't be when we look again. {shakin'head})

  3. My boys have a tv in their room, for games only! They are not allowed to watch tv on it.

    But everyone once in a blue moon I'll bend that rule.

  4. That's how I'd have it too. When you move into someone else's life, there're just some habits, rules etc, in which you get little say.

    Unpluggin' the TV or PC were occasionally effective consequences, though. That and listening to why me kiddo did whatever it was got her the cons.

  5. Too funny!
    That was actually the exact reason we (my younger brother and I) didn't get to have a TV in our bedroom until we were 14 or so. We had a TV in the living room, and my parents had one in their room. When we got to be 10-12, we got one in the basement (we hung out down there a lot).
    The funny thing was that when I was around 16, I had one, my brother had one, there was one in my parent's bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the basement. 5 TVs with 5 cable boxes. That had to be expensive.
    My boys are still very young, but we don't plan on putting a TV in their rooms until their much older. I like the idea of letting them have the basement when they want to watch something. Although, I'm sure they will both have their own computer (we already have about 6 in the house), so I may just be full of it.

    Whoa, I got talkative there!! Sorry 'bout that!

  6. Hey now! No worries, Cassandra. I miss talkin' with ya. Glad your doing well and thanks for the story.

    We had one TV, black and white, until I was about 14 or so. That's with 5 kids!

    We'd come home from school and watch cartoons 'til my dad got home. Then the news came on. But we did have shows the whole family watched; sick shit like the Love Boat and Fantasy Island. lol I think we finally got the B&W TV upstairs when I didn't watch it much anymore, anyhow. Mostly I still just watch sports (and 'toons, of course! lol)

  7. I can relate to that cartoon, even with just 2 of us. What's really ridiculous is if you email someone in the same house (or even call them on the cell) to tell them to check out something on a certain channel. Sheesh. Done it more than once though.


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