What Would the Khan Think

... of Islam in particular. Khan seems like the kind of H Sap who knew who his peoples' god was, and that He rode right there in the Khan's own saddle.
[Link] Although (Maury Kravitz, a retired Chicago commodities trader) has been seeking Genghis Khan's tomb for 14 years, the coming dig is likely to generate more than the usual interest here. Mongolians this year have organized a round of horse races and other celebrations to commemorate the 800th anniversary of what they regard as Genghis Khan's first great achievement: unification of Mongolian tribes into a single state.
800 years since dude locked 'em down as Mongolia then headed off from that base to rule a majority of the civilized world. I don't think Ghengis Kahn would have seen any of this type of ruckus (aesthetically blood-drenched as it is {shakin'head}) doing Mohammed any good what so ever now though. Mo is pretty dead and there is no Caliph to Centrally receive the Respect of these killers.
[Link] The Shiites were marking Ashoura, when they pound their chests and flail their backs with chains and blades to mourn the 7th-century death of Imam Hussain, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Hussain's death fueled a rivalry between Shiites and Sunnis over who should succeed the prophet.

Whether your cultural tradition includes a Triune, One Whose Name should not be spake (lol!,) Latino Twins or the baddest-ass 7 armed deity this side of Bangladesh, you've got to admit - the probability of all of them being quasi-historic Kahns is alot higher than Temujin, Jesus or Montezuma actually having created the Universe.

The shi t just makes me sick.


  1. Yesterday for the first time in my life, I found myself wanting to slap a little old lady right across the face. I was getting a haircut and this woman came in, waiting for her turn. It became obvious that she was a member of some baptist church, of which her husband is the preacher.

    She was a real sweet looking lady... tight, oddly colored lips that resembled a butthole. Prune face. The kind children are afraid of.

    And her obsession with hating Muslims beat anything I ever saw. You could tell she knew absolutely nothing about them, to boot. She said that what was going on right now (protests over the cartoon image of Mohammed) just went to show how dumb they are and how they don't really HAVE a religion as such, just any excuse to be violent... she went ON and ON.

    She also said that there was no reason for them to get all upset over somebody printing an image of Mohammed when they have no qualms with beheading, murdering, bombing, etc. but they would get upset over a picture??

    I'm sitting there thinking, it's not that it's a picture (YOU DUMB BITCH) as it is the offensive, caricature quality of it that's especially offensive. Am I right in that? Unlike that self-absorbed, self-righteous bitch, I am not afraid to say I don't know a lot about Muslims. But it seems to me that they are more upset over the offensive nature of the pictures rather than the fact that Mohammed is represented in a picture at all. Or is it offensive to even have a picture of Mohammed?

    Anyway, the lady was no lady and not only did she not know anything about Muslims, she didn't seem too familiar with the teachings of christ, either. (love thy neighbor, help those who despise you...)

  2. ... (protests over the cartoon image of Mohammed) just went to show how dumb they are and how they don't really HAVE a religion as such, just any excuse to be violent... she went ON and ON.

    {shakin'head} Ahhh the old "since it's different from mine it must not be real" argument. That to me is the biggest problem with folk like this old bitty. And such a sparkling personality she had, eh? lol Hang in there Bird. Unless you're holding back on us (and really did whack 'er upside the head, LOL!) it sounds like you remembered to take those deep breaths around the old dame.

    Unfortunately though, the part about Any Image of Mohammed being a slanderous offense under Islam is spot on. It's not the disrepect or satirical nature of the pics. It is simply that they are created at all that makes these folks' blood start to boil. The term "bat-shit crazy" comes to mind (thanks again 2%ers! lol) whenever I see a story discussing violence over what someone said or displayed. For these folk, displaying - just displaying! - an image of Mo is akin to someone burning a US Flag on the White House hedgerow.

    no... that's not quite it either. It's akin to slapping them across the face, hard. Symbols are Violence under Islam.

    Bat-shit crazy...


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