Keep On Bloggin'

Remember the old seventies schtick, Keep on Truckin' ?

Dead Heads not withstanding, I guarantee you there are more bloggers than ever were there folk a'Truckin' at the same time.
Blogging continues to grow
10 Feb 2006

Nick Gibbens

[Link] The number of online weblogs has reached an estimated 27 million, a new report has found.

According to blog search and indexing site Technorati, around 75,000 new blogs are created every day.

US-based Technocrati said it tracks about 1.2 million new blog posts each day, about 50,000 per hour.

Nearly 14 million bloggers are still posting three months after their blogs are created, the report found.

That makes for whole hekk of a lot of individuals speaking their minds in a Public forum. Sure, a ton of it is gibberish. I've contributed my share of that! LOL!

Just the fact that all of these people are taking advantage of a medium that didn't even exist 4 or 5 years ago is an amazing and really pretty darn exciting techno-social development. 14 million folks sticking with it past 3 months is something when you consider that an old saw - give it 3 months to make it a habit - suggests these folk (meself included!) are in it for the haul.

Hhhmmm... Kinda like those who really are Truckin' for living.

Seems like it's just one more reason to say thanks to Thomas Edison! (not to mention Happy 159th Birthday!)


  1. I remember that my step-dad had a "Keep on Truckin'" T-shirt in the 70's. He was a trucker. We had CB radios in every vehicle.

    Maybe we need to form a 12-step program for us bloggers. You know the first step is admitting we have a problem.

    BTW, you asked for it, you got it... Make sure you check out my five weird habits.


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