Ohio's Next Junior Senator?

This is an email from the guy whom the Ohio Democratic Party chose over Paul Hacket.

I suppose hyperbole is unavoidable in political races. I just wish it wasn't so. I've always liked Sherrod for the most part. He'll certainly get my vote in the fall election.

Sherrod Brown

Dear Friend,

Last week, it was revealed the White House had approved a deal to outsource U.S. port security to a state-owned company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Despite public outcry against the deal, President Bush threatened to veto any Congressional bill that would block the deal. It was also discovered last week that the White House is engaged in trade negotiations with the Mideast nation.

It's bad enough that the Bush Administration insists on outsourcing Ohio jobs, now they want to outsource our national security.

Like most Americans, I am outraged by the irresponsible actions of the Bush Administration, and Republican supporters in Congress. We cannot let this happen.

Securing Our Borders

Beginning last Friday, I made stops across Ohio in Cleveland, Toledo, and Youngstown demanding the Administration halt all trade talks with the UAE and have called for a stronger national security review of all U.S. trade agreements in the future. In a post 9/11 world, trade is no longer just an economic development vehicle. U.S. trade agreements are now an integral part of our national security.

In addition, I am calling for better Congressional oversight on trade agreements -- for too long Republicans in Congress have served as a rubber stamp to the White House thirst for outsourcing. I will continue to travel across Ohio promoting policies that will secure our borders and keep Ohio families safe.

Go to my website to read the latest dispatches from the road and see video from my appearance on Lou Dobbs about the UAE controversy:


DeWine on the Sidelines

Our current Senator, Mike DeWine, was virtually silent on the issue all week until he told the Cincinnati Enquirer on Friday, "We have to take a good look at this thing."

Well, I've already taken a good look at "this thing" and I don't like what I see:

  • Two of the 9/11 hijackers were from the UAE.
  • Terrorist operatives used the UAE as a financial and travel hub.
  • The UAE was one of the few nations to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government.
  • The 9/11 Commission's report contains warnings about the UAE's previous support for terrorism.
  • The Congressional Research Service names UAE as a point of shipment for illegal nuclear components.
  • Even George Bush's own State Department says, "Americans in the United Arab Emirates should exercise a high level of security awareness."

Get Involved

Ohio needs a U.S. Senator that will stand firm against trade deals that compromise homeland security. Mike DeWine won't. I will.

Get active in your community by speaking out about important issues to your friends and family. Stay in touch with us while we're traveling around the state to learn how you can stay involved.



Sherrod Brown
Candidate for U.S. Senate
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