For All Y'all 24-o-philes

I just get so bored with TV dramas...


  1. Very Funny. Thanks. My wife and I watched the first 24 = pretty good. The second was beyond belief so we gave up and never went back. After abandoning ER about 4 years ago, we got big into Law and Order (and SVU) - but the writing went down hill and the stories were truly bizarre (they ran out of creative ways to kill women and children or do devious sexual acts)

    We now generally watch CSI (Las Vegas) Bones and Grays Anatomy - though CSI is running out of good ideas, Grays anaotomy may have just "Jumped the Shark" with the most recent episode - the bomb inside the patient. Bones is still new enough to watch and damn it - why did they put it opposite Veronica Mars (though that setting is running thin of story also).

    Right now, we look forward to "My Name is Earl" - opposite CSI but we jump through some minor tech hoops to record one while watching the other...

    Is this seasons "24" any good? I can always bittorrent the previous episodes and catch up...

    Oh, and because of the new DVR we can get all the Jon Stewart "Daily shows" so we have plenty of political humor until the next good TV drama starts up...

  2. I actually planned on giving this season of 24 a serious go. I watched, intrigued, through the entire first part of the back-to-back 2 hour episodes.

    Then forgot the 2nd part was on Monday evening and haven't even looked for it since.


    I've really dug the few episodes of Bones I've caught though. The "love-dynamic" is funny(ish) but really kinda forced IMO. But I like the characters within their stories so will watch again in hopes of a little more depth on the Science her and her gang are doing. Coolish stuff.

    The one I really like is House. It's just moved around so much I've no idea when it's on anymore. But, at first I was like "A brilliant atheist on Fox?!?!" Then I remembered that Murdock and Co really is only in it for the $$$. {shakin'head}

    Other than those, and with NO cable (Dang! I miss the Daily Show and ESPN!) I just don't watch much except sports on the tube.

  3. Yes I forgot about House. We watch that too. The stories are a bit nuts but the lines they give Hugh Laurie are great... They are the lines I wish I could say to people sometimes... :-)


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