Perhaps I Just Need ta get laid ? ? ?

But "hhhmmm..." I say to myself. "Has that ever worked before?"

Temporarily, maybe, but the long term benefits of short term "romance" are pretty much beyond my current energy level.

Not only that, but past experience says I'm not gonna want it to last anyhow. Past experience also makes me think the sex urge (iwant!itiwantit!iwantit!iwantit!) without the romance and silliness that I've enjoyed so much in past good relationships is just gonna leave me even more bummed than I am right now.


I guess I'll just breath deep, remind myself that I always get over these let-downs after being up and resort to watchin' a good flick or three on the DVD.

That should get me through to the Super Bowl on Sunday.




  1. I was really hoping those context sensitive Google Ads would have been more ... I don't know ... interesting on this post.

    C'est la vie

  2. some sex is better than no sex, in my humble opinion... just be SAFE.


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