Child psychologists see disturbing trend of children without consciences

This bothers me quitely*.
[Link] "It's not so much what they do," Ramey said. "All children misbehave. What makes them different is how they feel afterward. A normal child feels remorse and empathizes with the people harmed. These kids don't care how other people feel; they only care about themselves."
I don't see any epidemic or such. It's just a concern because I often find myself wishing I had some variation this problem (which I most emphatically do not!) because, when I'm hittin' the bottom of the emotional pit, I'd rather feel nothing at all than the way I currently do.

I'd really rather that I simply feel good about my ability to feel at all when I read this. If you haven't been utterly immobilized by anxiety and depression though, just be glad. It completely sucks.

If there is one reason to be glad that I was raised Roman Catholic, it's that suicide, no matter how desirable and palliative it seems when here, is simply not an option. I feel too bad about what the people I love would feel or think.

Listen, I'm not looking for sympathy by posting on this. The thought that someone will think I am is what has kept me from talking about this kinda shtuff way too frequently in the past. I need to get this out and postin' on it - as opposed to sittin' on it and jammin' it down inside - is just one of the ways I'm using to attempt to deal with it.

Wish me luck (I know, I know "we make our own!" [LOL! but it's TRUE!] ) actually doing what I said I would and getting back in touch with that shrink I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Lethargy is a primary freakin' sympton of this condition. {sigh}

* Just a silly pseudo word a dear friend uses regularly.


  1. I totally relate to what you are going through. I have fought depression for more years that I care to even count, starting when I was about 15. Mine comes with delightful suicide impulses that pervade my mind. I went down so far one time, that I was convinced it was my destiny to end my wretched existence by throwing myself into oncoming traffic. The only thing that kept me from it was that I couldn't do it to the person who was driving the vehicle that might kill me.

    Definately, definately go see the shrink. I haven't been on meds or to a shrink in a while but I will be back in a heartbeat if I find myself back in that awful place.

    I know how dark it is in there. I'm here if you would ever like to talk.


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