Happy Darwin Day!!!

UPDATED: For a real Professional's view on Darwin Day, click on over to Olduvai George's site. I hope he doesn't mind my posting one beautiful example of his work. It makes his site an easy sell!

{sheesh} Again with me not checkin' up all the sites are I really dig on a regularly basis! LOL! My thanks to Hank Fox for mentioning O'George as a comment on Brent's not-so-inscrutable salute to Chas D.

Don't forget today, February 12, 2006 is the original Chuck D's 197th* Birthday!

Me an my li'l yellow swingin' bud are plannin' some low-key festivities which include scoping the net for Op/Eds on Darwin and my fan-hangin' friend there celebrating as only he can by, uh, well, hangin from the fan. Yah huh.


The bottom-line is this: Charles Darwin, in his masterpiece The Origin of Species, took the big step of pointing out the abundance of evidence that animals evolve based in great part on the conditions of their environment. He wasn't the only scientist to do so, but his presentation of the facts of biological life - as they were known in his day - was sublime in it's portrayal of the reality of such Life on this Earth.

My sincerest Thank You to Charles Darwin for breaking new ground in Human Understanding. He is truly one of those Giants upon whose shoulders we may stand for a cleared view of our place on a planet.

* Just changed it from "200th". Boy my math really is terrible!!! LOL!


  1. cool picture - you party animal you!

  2. This post would have made old Charles smile too. Thanks for the link and your most kind words. And thanks to Charles for not asking us to believe in him, but to simply acknowledge the evidence.

  3. Woo! whoo! whoo! ;}
    lol Bird!

    And thank Boss. I'm glad you think D would smile at this post. {;

    This is the link I wanted to post to promo your work as a blogger as well as an artist. I didn't know you were a roaming VP of the company until OGeorge became Olduvai George.

    Ramen (heheh) to acknowledgin' the evidence. That's what makes fiction so much fun when you know it's fiction, but makes it religion when you don't acknowledge what is right there to see in action.

  4. Hi, Michael,
    I'd like to propose a toast to old Chuck D, the rapper of reality: May evolution eventually catch up to his detractors!

    I've seen a few of them close to home lately, as commenters in the weekly paper I work for, and it's really amazing how they're SO convinced evolution is false they won't even listen. (The dispute was sparked by my column which referred in passing to the Dover decision but was primarily about the psychology of fundamentalism. Apparently none of them actually read that far, though.)

    Now I'll have to write a column that's REALLY about evolution, heh heh. It'll be easier now that I have statements I can directly rip apart.

    BTW: I'm blogging again...


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