America Speaking

(okay, okay... So some of us are sicker than others... LOL!)

Oy veh! The artist, August J Pollack, references the the recent poll suggesting my fellow Americans support their government's right to spy on them. As he explains:

[Link] To emphasize my frustration at the seemingly-limitless extent many conservatives have supported Mr. Bush, I recently drew a political cartoon humorously questioning the reaction people would have if the President performed an act that was seemingly inexcusable: specifically, killing a kitten with a hammer.
Yah, I've bookmarked him. LOL! If you're like me, you'll wanna try some more too!

On the bright side though, a January Zogby ** poll suggests a similar number of folk in these here United States (as well as some former Bush faithful) think the Chimperor needs his Legal come-uppance! Now if the media could just face the sad truth of his inexcusable illegalities.

We'll see...


* received via David K from my Atheists-World group. Thanks David!

** Man! Am I glad I found this site.


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