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44% chance of survival?! P-shaw!

Well hell... I've read enough post-apocalyptic Science Fiction to know I'd survive longer than most; barring being @ Ground Zero, of course.

Thusly I
  • A{ Don't believe it
  • B| Still am not ready to try and buy a gun (as that Walmart [take the quiz - you'll see] should have plenty)
  • C[ Really don't want my mommy (honest!)
  • D( Need to go spread teh frosting on my slightly over-browned Cinnamon Rolls.
Found - not while searching for Online Dating tips - on Angry Ballerina's misleadingly blandly named site.


  1. Same here - 34% chances. I guess all this looking for my loved ones decreases my chances to survive. But then again, 99% of them are in Israel, Eh?

    Time to watch "Shaun of The Dead" again, I guess. If you havne't - it's real fun, and highly amusing.

  2. Yeah, Michael, but I'm guessing you'll see the Zombie Event coming and be safely out o' harm's way.

    Nava... {sigh} Alas, poor, dear Nava, unless the JohnnyB manages to wrangle a stunt-plane for y'all's escape, I'm guessin' you'll be done for. :)

    You're about the 3rd cool person who's suggested I'd dig that flick. I'll look for it at the Library next time. Thx!

  3. whoa, 2 blogs? how did this escape me?!

  4. I figured you just preferred the road less taken.

    Glad ya found my original, AB. Oh, and take no offense at your not being on the sidebar. I really need to update that sucker some time soon. Used to all the time, but it's been quite a freakin' long time now.



  5. This reminds me of the movie I watched the other night (thanks, insomnia) "Sean of the Dead." ever see it?

  6. I can't take the test right now. The zombies won't let me click on the site. They say I know all I need to know ;)

  7. Even insomnia has its "plus side", eh Bird? {-; I do intend to check SotD out sometime soon. All depends on the Library eh.

    Aaaack! Don't trust 'em Pop! Like certain VPs, they've been known to lie on occasion. Errrumm, that is, like, whenever they open their mouths... Perhaps you could have Fred the Cat take it for you. You know, while you run interference. {-;

  8. Whatever you do, DON'T go to Wal-Mart or to the mall. That's where the zombies will go first.

    Look on the bright side: we have 100% chance of surviving the rapture.

    It occurs to me that I have actually purchased 2 zombie movies recently: From Dusk 'til Dawn and Slither. Both very entertaining. Shaun of the Dead is very good too, and if you liked that, go and see Hot Fuzz (which is not a zombie movie).

  9. I think you mean that the zombies are already at teh Walmart and Malls. {-; Don't think the post-apocalypticos will have much ability to use firearms though, and since I love "crowds", I think it'll be fun dodgin' 'em on my way to the Ammo counter.

    Wish me luck! :-D

    "Hot Fuzz", huh? Hmmm...

  10. I scored a 43%, but they didn't ask the most important question: Can you fly a helicopter? Because anyone who's seen Grindhouse or 28 Weeks Later knows the best way to kill Zombies is with the blades of a helicopter. Of course that really wouldn't have helped me, because I don't know how to fly a helicopter anyway, but I bring it up because I think Killing Zombies with Helicopters would be a good name for a band.

  11. Killing Zombies with Helicopters WOULD BE a *great* name for a band!

    I've got a 48% chance of survival in case of a Zombie Attack!

    Yay! Oh wait. That's probably not that good.

    God, what would Bush do if there was a Zombie Attack? Oh my God! I just realized!! The Bush Administration -- they're all Zombies!


  12. Seriously.

    We should all be running.

  13. I wouldn't mind Rob Zombie.

    What were we talking about? Ah, yes. Zombie survival.

    I think I would just hold out my hands, let my hair down, and groan- they would just think I was one of them the whole time. Especially if I was jostled from a deep sleep with my sexy mouthguard.

    Eventually, they would start a fire or some other disaster. Then Id be screwed.

  14. angry ballerina is... angry. but also interestingly amusing. as for zombie, i got the same 44%. i guess we have something in common... not the online dating thing though. but i did save the mingle2 http and maybe, maybe, maybe one day i'll pull it out and give it a shot.

  15. Helicopter lessons!!! Excellent plan, DD! Though I'd probably be safer just building one of those scale-models; 5' titanium blades oughtta do, don't ya think?

    Trippo (?) that band name! (Ditto, but I third it. Trippo. Yeah. Ok...)



    We should all be running.

    Ummm... You trying to tell me something else, BG? I will run again. Really. I just bruised my toe and am kinda limping right now. Honest!


    Nice plan, Lynn! Sounds like a scene from The Mummy Returns with Brendan Frasier; where his bro-in-law joins Imotep's followers for a brief bit. I forget how he got away though... Hmmm, that'd probably be helpful to remember, eh. {-;

    She sho be, Raffi. Luckily she's gives the scoop on why-so and how she got that moniker. I do so love teh blogosphere... {sighhhh} True!

    ...but I did save the mingle2 http...

    lol! eXXXcellent!


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