Take 'em out to the Ballgame, eh.

Thanks, DD...



  1. I'll have to ask The JohnnyB to explain the game terminology to me. (like, what's an inning? what kind of bags are used in baseball?? will I ever understand this kind of jokes???).

    Ah, the hardship of being an immigrant. :-&

  2. Hey, I know that woman on the right! Funny. finish your book yet?

  3. You guys oughtta take in a day game together, Nava. Even if you don't give a fig about the teams, the experience itself is a blast. And you'll HAVE TO have at least a couple 'dogs w/ mustard &/or relish!

    lol! The one on the right looks like my Aunt Ethyl! Though I'm pert sure she wasn't quite the Jack fan me or those Ladies are.

    Yeppers. Finished the book this morning (will do a brief, quote-post later) and just got back from the Library with two more. These look to be a bit lighter reading than that last one though, so I ain't plannin' no more "disappearing acts" anytime soon. {-;

  4. Funny one...

    Speaking of books, I got a new book, which I started reading yesterday. I'm 2/3 finished with it already, which is (I KNOW CRAZY HERE) disappointing because I don't want it to end yet!

  5. Hey now, Bird!

    I know that feelin', which is why I try to pick out thicker books. heheheh. {-:

  6. There's five seconds of my life I can never get back. ;)

    I'm wanting that new Harry Potter book, but I'm afraid of it, too. Won't be able to put it down, etc..... Lots to do to get ready for fall.

  7. lol! Thus the {groan} {-;

    From what I hear, the Potter books read fairly quickly, but I've not read any. Nothing 'gainst the franchise/universe. It's just a little "young" for a nerdy (snobby even! {-; ) sci-fi/fantasy regular like m'self. I did enjoy the first movie quite a bit, but not the 2nd so much. I'm betting that has more to do with whom I saw each of them though.

    Good luck gettin' ready! (To you and Steve too, Bird!)

  8. I think I would need a bottle of Jack just to get through an entire game. Ok, baseball ain't that bad. I'm actually considering going to an Angels game this year - haven't been in almost ten years.


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