Fourth of July

Thanks to the Chimperor's predictability, and Congress's lack of any integrity, I'm not feeling all that patriotic or inspired to celebrate my country today. Still, it's Independence Day so I do feel like posting.

A search of Tube Central failed to turn up the Soundgarden song I was looking for, but this vid's got a fun summer sound to it. And, I'm probably reading too much into it, but it sounds as if it could be directed to a soldier.

Regardless, I like the tune, so ... :-|


  1. Wow! Lotta energy in that video.

  2. It's not my Independence Day, but still - a belated Happy 4th.

  3. Frenetic, ain't it Larry. Reminds of Thursday, only with more of an 80's pop metal influence.

    Hope ya had a good one too, Nava.

  4. Here is a quote you may like:

    At a campaign stop in Des Moines, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had some tough words for the President, along with two GOP presidential candidates. "This guy is brain dead," Biden said of Bush, eliciting a chorus of laughter from his audience. Known for his slips of the tongue, Biden added, "I know I’ll be quoted, I’ll be killed for that.”

    Speaking of Bush's decision to commute the sentence of Scooter Libby, Biden stated, “This is a guy who is on the balls of his heels, here’s a guy who is lower off in the polls than any president in modern history and he goes ahead and he does something that just flies in the face of the sensibilities of the American people.”

  5. i love soundgarden's "4th of july"... as well as most of their isht. this other band a little too teeny-boppy for me, but cool video.

  6. as for celebrating the fourth, i'm just celebrating for cool pyrotechnics, bbq, and beer. i think olbermann's editorial the other day was phenomenal and said it best.

  7. I'd like to like Biden. Really I would. He's just never impressed me with his understanding of world affairs. He follows the same basic ideology as Hilary and Shrub: Big Money should be in charge because they've earned it.

    Sick and Stupid idiots they truly are.

    Hey, thanks for the link Raffi! I tried to watch that earlier on another site, but it kept locking up for some reason. Gotta love teh K.O. eh!

  8. Hi Michael. Neil here. Not dead. Just got really drunk after the Dems caved in to Bush on Iraq and deleted my blog. But then my brother tells me my blog's been Thaijacked. Strange. (Can't believe Google lets someone do that.) Anyway, can't let the bastard get away with that and can't find any button for recourse thru Google, so I've started up again, same name but a foreshortened URL: (That bastard stole the old, longer one!) Hope all's well with you and yours. I'll get some links up when I figure out this new format. Best, Neil... (Love that "In Memorium"! Thanks!)


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